Filter 20-100 / 120

Inox drum filter.

Robustness and efficiency made in Belgium!

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How does a drum filter work?

The filter consists mainly of a tank in which is housed a rotating drum: this drum is coated with a filter membrane of 63 microns (0.063 mm) on its periphery.

The dirty water coming from the basin is directed inside the drum and, to leave this filter, the water must pass through the filtering membrane.

The water in the basin, which is free of particles, comes out of the filter and is directed to biological filtration.

As the dirty water passes through the drum, the particles settle by obstructing the small holes in the membrane, which gradually clogs.

The passage of the water is braked, which causes a difference in level between the downstream and the upstream of the sieve.

At this time, the detection system starts a cleaning cycle of the drum. From this moment, the drum rotates very slowly and the nozzles arranged on the upper part (outer side of the drum) project jets of water on the filter membrane: under the pressure of the water, the smallest dirt are expelled from the filter membrane.

This dirt is collected in a gutter and directed to the sewer. The upstream / downstream water level is restored until the next cycle.

This cleaning is minimalist type: it intervenes only when it is necessary.


They are numerous and the first is obvious: a good filtration is based on the principle of removing as quickly as possible a maximum of particles and extract them from the pond water so that they can no longer harm.

A "normal" filter can only retain what it can ... and the waste it retains is degraded in the water. With a drum, this is not the case, the biological filtration is less solicited, which in many cases can reduce its volume.

Second big advantage: provided you have a reasonable UV power, the water is clear all year round. Without problems!

Third advantage: completed the chore cleaning of the prefilter grille or brushes, a drum filter is self-cleaning. Let's be honest, this filter still requires a minimum of attention because it is a machine, and therefore some minor interventions are expected, but absolutely nothing binding.

Finally, each brand, each model has its particularities: it's up to you to determine the exact type of filter you need.

Pumping or gravity mode, stainless steel or polypropylene, with or without biological filter? These are the first criteria of choice but the most important is its size. Remember that a filter is never too big: the rinsing frequency will be comfortable (3 to 4 rinses per hour in summer for a dozen per day in winter).

On the other hand, a filter that is too small will consume more water because it will have to rinse more often. We are at your disposal to guide you in your choice.

The strengths of this model

> Equipment 100% Stainless designed and made in Belgium.

> This model operates in gravity mode and pump mode.

> Integration of UV-C lamps possible in the filter.

> 2 years warranty.

New in 2020

> Brushed finish

> The enlarged drum entrance.

> Float probes

> Stainless steel management box with touch screen

> Our company Naïades commercialized this material of Belgian origin a dozen years ago. With this new range produced in a company on a human scale, and very close to our establishment, we are reconnecting with the manufacturer to offer you robust and reliable equipment, without unnecessary gadgets at a very attractive price.

Filtration mode Gravity / Pump fed
Material Stainless steel 304
Screen Stainless steel 316 - 63 microns
Dimensions L x l x H mm 1573 x 864 x 820
Overal dimensions L x l x H mm 1294 x 800 x 770
Drum D x L mm 680 x 1000
Inlet mm 6 x 110
Outlet mm 5 x 110
Waste water outlet mm 1 x 110
Max flow m3 / h 80
Filter provided for maximum volume
m3 120
Rated voltage V 230 V / 50 Hz
Pressure rinsing pump bar 4,0
Weight kg 140
Included Control Unit
Included Cover sensor
Included Support for UVC lamp
Included 2 external bypass
External flushing pump
Adjustable filter height

> Amalgam 80 Watt UVC lamp

> Pond level compensator.

> "Connected filter" option which allows you to receive mobile notifications and emails in the event of an alarm. With Android or Iphone portable application to have the drum information permanently: in addition a temperature sensor indicates the temperature of the water in the basin


The price of the transport of this article can not be reasonably calculated in advance because of the numerous variables: location, weight, volume, order of additional articles, possible delivery etc.

Rather than applying a package that is often very penalizing, we prefer to calculate the price, case by case.

The price of the port is decreasing: the more value you have on your pallet, the more you give us the means to lower the price of the port (or to make it free).

A price offer follows your order: you have the choice to accept or refuse.

If meanwhile, a payment has been made, the refund comes as soon as your cancellation email.

You also have the opportunity to consult us before ordering.

Dimensions L x l x H 1573 x 864 x 820 mm
Dimension du tambour D x L 680 x 1000 mm
Débit maxi 80 m3/h
Nombre d'entrées 6 x 110 mm
Nombre de sortie 5 x 110 mm
Modèle convertible gravitaire ou pompage Oui
Matériau Acier Inox 304 / tamis 316
Pompe pression externe Inclus
Tamis 63 microns

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