SuperSet Small

SuperSet Small

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The SuperBead is a filter that combines both mechanical filtration and biological purification in the same unit.

It can be used in swimming pool, swimming pool or pools in Koi. This type of filter is intended for gravity installations, with grid pre-filter as proposed in this pack.

- it is a low pressure filter powered only with pumps of the same type (no pool type pumps, the use of pressure pumps is even dangerous).

- The second difference lies in its ease of maintenance: a simple valve to handle is enough. At best, an automatic system can handle this maintenance.

In normal operation, small polypropylene elements (Beads - area of ​​1300 m2 / m3) agglomerate in the upper part of the filter. This thick mattress of beads floats and forms a barrier that retains particles from the pond water.

The pump therefore delivers water from the bottom to the top of the filter: the water can rise evenly, slowly, through the beads that serve as bacterial media.

For a full description of this filter, see the SuperBead Small article in this category.

Description of the SuperSet Small

The proposed pack includes this set of mounted equipment:

1 SuperBead Small filter

1 SuperSieve grid pre-filter, maximum flow of 25 m3 / h.

1 Air-Aqua 17 pump.

1 UV lamp immersion 40 Watt Amalgam.

1 filter rinsing pump.

This set is sold complete with non-return valves, valves, hoses, fittings etc.

For the operation of these elements, refer to the descriptions of the elements sold separately.


Pack size: 1200 x 800 x 1000 mm.

Filtration rate: 17 m3 / hour.

Maximum operating pressure: 0.7 bar

Filtration planned for a basin of 25 m3 max.


Automatic: controller for automatic rinses.


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