Multichamber BIG 25000 Red Label


Multichamber filter in polypropylene.

1 695,00 € tax incl.

hese multi-chamber filters are made of high quality polypropylene and have a finish using the best materials. The 110mm diameter inlets and outlets promote optimal water transport and allow these filters to be used with almost any pond pump.

The first filter chamber contains brushes responsible for mechanical filtering. The brushes take up all the space and interpenetrate. This density makes it possible to stop large impurities. The water then flows to the second filter chamber. The latter contains a filter material called Hel-X. The water is channeled through perforated hoses that hold the Hel-Xs prisoner. This material is designed so as to present the largest possible surface. The bacteria responsible for biological filtration, ie the degradation of harmful materials, lodge on the surface of the Biocarrier. For optimal operation, the latter must be constantly in motion.

To do this, a pipe ensures significant ventilation of this chamber. In the case of filters for large basins, with 4 chambers, the water then flows to the 3rd chamber. This room is identical to the second in terms of distribution and function.

Regardless of the filter model, the last chamber contains original RED-X filter mats. Like the Biocarrier, these mats develop a bacterial film that contributes to the nitrogen cycle in your pond. However, the structure of the bacterial film on the filter mats is different because the latter remains stationary.

Combined with the Biocarrier, it promotes the variety of good bacteria and therefore optimizes the treatment of impurities. The filter mats arranged in the form of cartridges have an open structure preventing any risk of obstruction. Arriving in the last chamber of the filter, the water is returned to the basin in the case of a system supplied by a pump. In the case of a gravity system, an external pump returns water to the basin.

Matériau Polypropylène
Couleur Sahara
Mode gravitaire / pompage
Dimensions L x l x H mm 1660 x 750 x 790
Entrée mm 2 x 110
Sortie mm 2 x 110
Sortie eaux usées 3 x 50 mm
Débit max m3 / heure 15
Taille maxi bassin m3 25
Taille maxi bassin à koi m3 15
Brosses 16 x 100 x 400
Media 50 litres Hel-X
Media tapis cassette RED-X
Inclus Réseau air et couvercles
Garantie 2 ans

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