Hikari Excel

Hikari Excel

147,00 € tax incl.

Daily diet for superior color enhancement. This food has been developed scientifically to promote the rapid development of natural coloring of Koi. The mixture contains the richest internal part of wheat germ and pure spirulina.

Distributed during one month, you will see an improvement in colors and a more pronounced shine of the scales of your Koi.

If you are looking for a special "superior color" diet, look no further!

Many brands have their food manufactured and packaged by subcontractors.

Hikari believes that the key to providing quality food is to control every step of the production process 100%: as a user, you can fully trust. The best quality with every purchase, again and again!

Hikari food is composed, produced and packaged within the Hikari plants: the manufacturing process and control leaves nothing to chance.


Feed carefully and give the amount your fish will consume completely in a few minutes, depending on the water temperature, pond condition and fish activity level.

Type of food

Floating food.

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