Anti-Worm Koi Doctor

Anti-Lice fights especially the worms of the skin (Gyrodactylus), the worms of the gills (Dactylogyrus) ...

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Anti-Lice fights skin worms (Gyrodactylus), gill worms (Dactylogyrus), crustaceans such as fish lice (Argulus), anchor worms (Lernea) and leeches (Piscicola).

Anti Lice is not dangerous for the filter and plants.


Use 6 grams per 1000 liters of water. (150 g for 25000 liters).


Mix the product with water and spread over the entire surface of the pond. Repeat the treatment after one week because the product does not always kill the eggs.

For all pond fish. Reduce the dose by half if there are melanota, tench or ruddock ideas in the pond.

The product kills insects like dragonfly larvae.

Do not use at a water temperature below 7 ° C.

Increase the oxygenation of the water during this treatment.

The filter may continue to work during treatment but UV and Ozone must be turned off for 4 days.

One week after the last treatment, change 20% of the water.

Do not combine this treatment with other chemicals.

It is allowed to feed the fish during the treatment.

Use only 80% of the pH is less than 7.

Will only use after accurate diagnosis of the disease!

After this treatment, it is advisable to add Malamix17 to the water. Malamix17 restores the fish skin and restart the filter bacteria.


Available in bottles of 150 or 300 gram

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