FlowFriend HP Air-Aqua

FlowFriend HP Air-Aqua

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FlowFriend pumps are innovative in pumping water with low energy consumption.

The FlowFriend complies with the MEI industrial index (above 0.7) and is therefore in the "best available technology" category.

Each type of FlowFriend has an adjustable speed (600 - 2550 rpm). The pump is equipped with an adjustment screen that also displays power and time.

Via an optional 0-10V input, each FlowFriend can be controlled externally.

The great advantage of permanent magnet motors compared to asynchronous motors with variable frequency drive is characterized by high efficiency at low speed. But they are also considerably more economical in higher regime.


Low consumption.

Standard speed / flow adjustment.

Optional external 0-10 V setting.

Extremely silent.

Available with 3 different optimized pump housings, all in 316 stainless steel.

Engine with IE4 premium performance.

Product made in Germany.

Can be used anywhere in the world: voltages ranging from 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz.

Ingenious hydraulics

The FlowFriend's hydraulic system is fully stainless 316 cast.

Rugged, smooth and perfectly shaped to limit internal losses.

Hydraulics largely determine the efficiency of the pump: it has to be adapted to a specific type of application.

The HP FlowFriend

The HP has a housing with a more closed rotor that produces more pressure.

It is mainly intended for lift heights greater than 4 m: it still rejects 50 m3 / h and has a maximum pressure of 14 m (1.4 bar).

The HP is ideal for Bead filters, sand filters and high lift heights.

If the hydraulic network of the basin includes many elbows or devices (UV, heating ...), HP is an excellent choice.

Engine and sealing

The FlowFriend features a high quality waterproof EagleBurgmann shaft.

The engine is developed and produced by one of the largest producers of electric motors in Germany. The efficiency of this engine is, depending on the regime, between 88 and 94%.


Tension V 100 - 240
Puissance max Watt 30 - 1150
Intensité A 5,0
Débit max m3 / heure 5 - 50
Vitesse de rotation t / min 0 -2550
Hauteur max m 14,1
Raccords In  - Out 3"M  - 2"1/2 M
Etanchéité IP55
Longueur câble moteur m 2,2
Infos diverses Pompe à débit variable avec variateur
Débit à 1 m 46,1 m3/h - 1150 Watt
Débit à 2 m 45,0 m3/h - 1150 Watt
Débit à 5 m 39,0 m3/h - 1150 Watt
Débit à 10 m 27,5 m3/h - 1150 Watt

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