Blue Eco 500

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Since 2010, the Blue Eco pumps are a must in the modern pond market.

Thanks to their durability and low power consumption, they have gained a solid place in many ponds.

These Blue Eco pumps are the most economical ever produced using True Sine Wave technology: these electric motors have a 94% efficiency!

Generally, electric motors have a lower efficiency.

The Blue Eco produce little heat and 94% of the energy is used to run the turbine, making them ideal for dry applications.

Perfect for all pond applications: the water flow in your system is completely adjustable and under your control.

So, rather than buying a pump that is far too powerful for your application, the final real flow can be measured and adjusted to get the desired flow. Finished the waste ...

You use energy according to your own needs!

Together with a bead filter, it is possible, for example, to use the pump at full speed to clean the filter: while in filtration mode, the rotation speed can be reduced ....

Energy saving ... Flow can also be reduced in winter when there is less organic load in the pond. These pumps are completely resistant to salt and chlorine.


> New 8-pole technology.

> Installation in dry or in water.

> Total absence of noise.

> External controller with digital display.

> A completely different bearing system with a hollow shaft.

> Automatic internal rinsing system.

> Reinforced power cable.

> Rubber feet for noise and vibration suppression.

> 100% resistant to salt water (even sea water 33 gr).

> Protection from dry running.

> Timer function to automatically change the rotational speed during the day.


The rotor is the heart of the drive and must meet the highest requirements.

The wolfram or titanium shaft around which the 8-terminal rotor is mounted constitutes the vital part of the system. This statically balanced, dynamically balanced rotor consists of 16 super neodymium magnets.

It is protected on the outside by a layer of carbon composite reinforced with aramid fibers. Both ends have a double shaft seal with polished flat plain bearings housed in a silicone seat free of vibrations.

As a result, this rotor is not only suitable for sea water, but also to avoid transmitting vibrations to invertebrates and Koi which are highly sensitive to it.


The 27-pin stator ensures that the rotor is driven not only uniformly, but also, thanks to True Sine Wave technology, with an unmatched starting torque.


On all pumps, the bearing system is essential for reliability and durability.

The Blue Eco pumps are equipped with silicon carbide bearing systems, hard as diamond combined with very robust and wear-resistant wolfram.

The selection of high quality materials, which can not be found on other pumps, guarantees carefree use for many years.

Power cable

The cable is protected by an outer sheath resistant to seawater.


New completely watertight housing with improved cooling system

LCD display with indication of rotation speed, hour meter, electrical current and power consumption.


In addition to the European standard CE certification, the Blue Eco also holds the German certificate "TüV Prüfungs und Test", an additional guarantee of quality and safety.

The Blue Eco pumps are supplied complete with controller: the pump is then clamped at a reduced speed: to be able to use it at full speed, it is necessary to register it on the Blue Eco site.

After registration, two codes will be transmitted: they will be necessary to activate the pump.

Read the manual to perform this operation: we remain at your disposal for any additional information.

We provide an installation manual translated entirely in French.

Model Blue Eco 240: you receive a Blue Eco 320 Watt pump with 240 Watt controller


Model Blue Eco 500
Power Max Watt 500
Flow rate max m3 / hour 42
Height max m 11
Inlet fitting "2" 1/2 M
Outlet connection "2" M

Infos diverses Pompe à débit variable avec contrôleur
Débit à 1 m 40 m3/h - 500 Watt
Débit à 2 m 36 m3/h - 500 Watt

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