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Perfect 13000

Perfect 13000

415,65 € tax incl.


489,00 € tax incl.

Perfect offers excellent value for money: these pumps are extremely robust and totally reliable.

Very quiet and economical, the optimized design achieves a very high efficiency.


Turbine for waste disposal up to 8 mm.

Intended to withstand continuous use, whether immersed or not.

Motor shaft and bearing in ceramic.

Asynchronous motor with unmatched operating silence.

Thermal overload protection (automatic reactivation).

Strainer made of high quality materials (stainless steel).

Sold complete, with fittings, dismantling key, 10 meter cable.

From the model 13000, the box also contains a connection allowing either a second suction or a shedding of the pump.

5 year warranty.


Modèle 13000
Puissance Watt 158
Débit max m3 / h 12,9
Hauteur max m 3,6
Raccords 1"1/2
Infos diverses Crépine de 8 mm
Débit à 1 m 9,6 m3/h - 158 Watt
Débit à 2 m 6,0 m3 /h - 158 Watt