Pro Immune

Pro Immune

19,00 € tax incl.

This food contains a supplement of glycans in order to constitute a complete nourishment improving the resistance of the fishes.

Glycans are sugar compounds extracted from yeast cell membranes (baker's yeast, brewer's yeast) and certain kinds of mushrooms, including the famous shiitake.

All of these sugar compounds induce direct activation of the immune system of fish. It is recommended to regularly give Pro-Immune to fish.

This range of food is offered at the lowest price: lowering the price by offering you something else would mean giving you the wrong quality.

Power supply is one of the most important aspects of Koi's maintenance: the price charged for this range is the minimum guaranteeing correct maintenance.


Feed carefully, giving the amount your fish will consume completely in a few minutes, depending on the water temperature, the pond condition and the level of activity of your fish.

Type of food

Floating food.


Pro Immune in 5 liters, 2 kg - 6 mm.

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