Growth & Color

Growth & Color

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Growth & Color is a food whose composition quickly and safely develops the colors of Koi.

The balanced content of astaxanthin and capsanthin ensures intense coloration of Koi without affecting the white scales, resulting in highly contrasted patterns.

Astaxanthin is chemically related to carotene and vitamin A and belongs to the carotenoid group. In addition, astaxanthin is highly antioxidant, with functions comparable to vitamin E, and protects fish from the harmful influence of UV light.

Capsanthin, derived from pepper, is a pigment that is also part of the carotenoid group.
It is found in different plants and complements the astaxanthin to obtain a very intense red color.

Growth & Color is a protein-rich food with high levels of quality fish meal, which ensures tasty food and trouble-free digestion.

Due to the high protein content, this coloring food is also excellent for growth and is ideal for young Koi.


Feed carefully and give the amount your fish will consume completely in a few minutes, depending on the water temperature, pond condition and fish activity level.

Type of food

Floating food.


Growth & Color in 5 liters, 2.2 kg - 6 mm.

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