Soft PVC hose

Soft PVC hose

17,00 € tax incl.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10

Gray flexible PVC hose!

Smooth inside and out (see photo), it can be buried.

It can be glued with PVC pressure accessories using a compatible glue (WDF-05 Griffon).

Although rigid PVC pipe is clearly preferable in most basin constructions (impact resistance, crushing, cost) it is sometimes useful or necessary to use this type of hose.

If this is the case for your application, always be sure to protect this pipe before plugging the trenches in which this pipe is laid!

Sold by the linear meter: minimum order of 10 meters.

This flexible PVC hose is shipped only on pallets, not in packages.

Diamètre intérieur Epaisseur Pression maxi à 20°C Longueur de bobine maxi Rayon de cintrage
63 mm 5,5 mm 5 bar 50 mètres 300 mm
75 mm 5,8 mm 4,5 bar 50 mètres 375 mm
90 mm 6,4 mm 4,0 bar 50 mètres 440 mm
110 mm 7,0 mm 3,5 bar 30 mètres 550 mm

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