AquaForte Prime Buster UV-C

Unités UV-C professionnelles pour des bassins de grande taille.

1 299,00 € tax incl.

rofessional UV-C units for large pools.

In the reactor, radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm is generated by means of a UVC lamp. This radiation has a lethal action on bacteria, viruses, algae and molds (among others Legionella and Cryptosporidium). The UV-C unit is an efficient and ecological guarantee of clean, fresh and clear water. The water is conveyed through the UV-C device by means of a pump. UV-C radiation neutralizes bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms and stops their proliferation. Algae are also eliminated by this radiation, which greatly improves the clarity of the water. The UV-C unit is equipped with an electronic ballast, which guarantees optimum lamp performance.


Optimal water flow thanks to the ingenious concept.

Easy to integrate.

Transparent lamp head for easy visual inspection.

316L stainless steel body

Available with Amalgam lamp 1 x 80 watts, 1 x 140 watts or 3 x 140 watts.

The foot has adjustment screws for horizontal adjustment.


The newly designed electronic ballast has a lamp status indicator light.

Green: OK

Flashing green: lamp (s) at the end of their life

Red: end of lamp life

After replacing the lamp, the timer must be reset in order to start a new countdown. The 80 and 140 watt versions are delivered with a flow switch in a 63 mm diameter connection. The 420 watt version has an integrated flow switch.

Buster 80 W Buster 140 W Buster 420 W
Dimensions L x diamètre 114 x 950 mm 154 x 950 mm 219 x 950 mm
Matériau Inox 316 L Inox 316 L Inox 316 L
Débit max recommandé  25 m3 / h 30 m3/h 35 m3/h
Raccords 2 x 2 " externe 2"1/2 externe 3" externe
Volume bassin maxi 100 m3 200 m3 300 m3

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