LunAqua Power LED XL Driver Oase


LunAqua Power LED XL Driver Oase.

224,95 € tax incl.

The LunAqua Power LED XL driver is required to power the OASE LunAqua Power LED XL series of projectors.

The pilot can operate a maximum of two 15 Watt projectors each, for a maximum total load of 30 Watt.

The 10 m extension cables can also be connected to extend the lighting cables.

The LED Driver LunAqua Power LED XL is an IP68 rated device, it can be installed underwater or above ground, with its associated LED projectors that are also fully submersible.

This driver can also be used to power up to 4 smaller LunAqua power LED lights (5.8 watts each), or a combination of 1 x LunAqua Power LED XL and 2 x LunAqua PowerLED, which is why unit has 4 outlets.

Warranty: 2 + 1 years

Dimensions L x l x H mm 170 x 95 x 70
Longueur de câble m 3
Nombre de prises 4
Tension V 24 DC

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