Legal Notice

General conditions of use, general conditions of sale.

Article 1 - Scope

The scope of the general conditions of sale presented below concerns distance contracts (art 2.7 directive 2011/83), the definition of which is as follows:

"Any contract concluded between Naïades sprl and the customer, within the framework of an organized system of distance selling, without the simultaneous physical presence of the company and the customer, by the exclusive use of one or more remote communication techniques , until the moment, and including the moment, when the contract is concluded "(Art I.8.15 ° CDE).

This definition also covers situations where the customer visits the business establishment only to collect information about the goods, then negotiates and concludes the distance contract. However, a contract which is negotiated at the business premises of the company and which is ultimately concluded using a technique of distance communication is not considered to be a distance contract. Likewise, a contract which is drafted using a technique of distance communication, but which is ultimately concluded in the business establishment of the company, should not be regarded as a distance contract either.

Article 2 - Identity of the company Naïades sprl

The Naïades company is a sprl whose store is located at the following address:

2B, rue des Ardennes

B- 6780 Wolkrange

Phone: 0032/63229079 (10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.)


VAT: BE 0839.009.814

Article 3 - Presentation of the site

Site for the online sale of pond equipment, offering in particular food products for fish, construction equipment for ornamental ponds, koi ponds, swimming ponds, filtrations, pumps, care products, sealing etc

Responsible editor of the site: Francis Reis.

For all questions relating to the site, or any report of illegal content or activities, contact the publisher at

The publisher makes every effort to allow access to the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, on certain occasions, the publisher may at any time interrupt or limit access to all or part of the site, this in order to carry out updates or certain modifications. The main language used on the site is French and, incidentally, English.

Article 4 - Hypertext links

The site contains hypertext links pointing to Internet sites over which no control is possible. This mainly concerns sites of constructors or manufacturers of pond equipment. Despite the regular checks carried out by the publisher, Naïades sprl declines all responsibility for the content that may be found on these sites.

Article 5 - General conditions of use

Access and use of the site of the Naïades company are subject to acceptance and compliance with these General Conditions of Use. The sales contract arises upon acceptance of the order placed by the customer. This means that as soon as the customer clicks on the "I confirm my order" button, the customer implicitly acknowledges that he must pay for the order.

Before confirming the order, the customer acknowledges having read the general conditions of use and sale, and declares that he accepts them without reservation by clicking on the "I accept" button. Therefore, in case of disagreement with the general conditions, no use of the site can be made by the user.

Article 6 - Information on the goods offered on the site

The items offered are described at least by one or more photos as well as by a description and list of the main technical characteristics. The representations or photos of models of articles as well as the dimensions and weights are not contractual and do not engage the responsibility of Naïades. The characteristics indicated are those transmitted by the suppliers. In the event of error or omission in, Naïades cannot be held liable.

In most cases the photo of the article corresponds to the reality. However in some cases this is not possible and a generic photo is inserted in the description (for example, lamps, quartz tubes, PVC fittings etc.).

The small differences never harm the customer because the reference of the brand and the model of the article is imperatively always respected. It is therefore the exact model that the customer receives even if the photo or representation is sometimes slightly different.

Article 7 - Guarantee

The legal guarantee provides for a two-year guarantee period for any defect in goods.

All references offered on the site are guaranteed for at least two years. Some items benefit from a longer warranty period: this information is then mentioned in the description of the item concerned.

The legal warranty does not apply to a defect of which the customer was aware at the time of purchase or which was caused by him (improper handling, non-compliance with assembly or use instructions, etc.)

The law makes the difference depending on when the fault appears.

If the defect appears 6 months after purchase (invoice date), Naïades must automatically apply the 2-year legal guarantee unless it is proven that the customer is the cause of the defect.

If the defect appears after the first 6 months, Naïades may ask the customer to prove that it is indeed a manufacturing defect. The client must call in an expert to demonstrate this.

In the event of an exchange, the 2-year period is suspended only for the time necessary for the repair or replacement of the goods.

The customer is required to inform Naïades of the existence of a lack of conformity within two months from the day on which he noticed the defect. The customer is advised to react as soon as possible after having noticed a defect.

In the majority of cases, Naïades provides after-sales service for the goods acquired. A few rare exceptions (indicated in the description of the property) mean that a manufacturer can intervene himself directly, this for the sake of efficiency and speed. For example, a pump will be replaced within 48 hours directly by the manufacturer, but only if the contract provides for it, and if the customer has registered the good with the manufacturer as required.

Article 8 - Cookies

A cookie is a file that is transferred to the customer's computer, smartphone or tablet via his Internet browser. Cookies are transferred to the hard drive of their terminal when the customer visits the site and allow their system to recognize them during successive visits to the site. This improves the use of the site.

Cookies can be temporary or permanent. Temporaries are active during the visit only and are deleted when the browser is closed. Persistent cookies remain on the customer's hard drive until they delete them (or their browser, after a certain period of time).

Session cookies are used to improve the customer's visit. A third party (Google Analytics) is also authorized to use cookies for statistical purposes. The customer obviously has the right to refuse the collection of data and the tracking of his visit but to guarantee the highest level of functionality of the site, it is recommended to accept these cookies.

If the customer wishes, he can modify these parameters in the preferences setting of his browser. If the customer wishes to deactivate Google Analytics cookies, he can go to the page of the Google site and click on the "deactivate" button. If the customer wishes to disable cookies, all he has to do is configure his browser, but in this case, certain features of the site will not be available, which will limit the use of the site.

Article 9 - Privacy policy - processing of personal data.

The customer has the right to know what is the fate of the data concerning him. Registration on the site gives rise to the collection of information concerning him (name, first name, address, telephone numbers, email address and possibly the date of birth and its gender, and for professionals, the VAT number and the company name)

An order entails a registration, therefore necessarily the processing of personal data listed above. These data are processed in accordance with the law: they are recorded and processed exclusively by Naïades sprl.

At any time, the customer has the possibility to access an account to modify his data. The customer has the right to obtain a copy of the data processed and any information available on his account, provided that he can prove his identity. An answer is given within 45 days.

Use of personal data: the data provided by the customer is used only for the processing of his orders. Naïades can use this data in the context of direct marketing (newsletter) if the customer has given his consent. It is always possible to unsubscribe from the newsletter without justification.

The data allowing the identification of the customer are kept for a maximum of 2 years after their last order. Beyond this period, the customer will have to open a new account because all the data will have been purely and simply deleted.

Article 10 - Prices

The prices of the items are indicated in Euros all taxes included. The prices do not take into account the delivery costs which allows a fairness for the customers buying directly from the store located in Wolkrange and who consult the prices on the site. The shipping costs are indicated before validation of the order, moreover the price can be consulted on the page dedicated to this subject from the home page.

The total amount of the order, all taxes included, shipping costs included (*), is indicated before final validation of the order. Full payment of the price must be made when ordering, after clicking on the "I confirm the order" button.

(*) Special provisions concerning the shipping costs of items classified as "heavy and / or bulky" or dangerous are provided for and are the subject of Article 13.

Naïades reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. This modification does not affect the price of items contained in a basket and for which the order has been accepted. One exception concerns editing errors: if a price should be obviously incorrect, Naïades reserves the right to modify the price, even if the item is contained in the basket of an order already accepted. In this case, the customer has the right to renounce this order and Naïades will reimburse the entire order.

A reduction or promotion applied to a reference - therefore clearly displayed on the site - is only valid for a purchase on the sales site only. This promotion is therefore not (necessarily) valid in our establishment located in Wolkrange. The price to be paid at the physical store is that displayed on the label placed at the store. Note that - apart from these promotions - the selling prices displayed on the site are identical to the prices displayed in the physical store.

Article 11 - Order

The customer has the possibility to fill a basket which indicates the reference, the price and the quantity. Before confirming the order, the customer must also accept the general conditions of sale by clicking on the "I accept" button. The customer therefore undertakes either to read the general conditions of sale before confirming his order, or to stop the ordering process in the event of disagreement.

The customer must ensure to give exact information when registering. Naïades reserves the right to delay the dispatch of an order in the event of non-payment, or in the event of an error in the information relating to the delivery or billing address.

Naïades cannot be held responsible for any data entry errors (incorrect, incomplete address, no telephone number, etc.), nor for the consequences in terms of delay or delivery error. In this case, all the actual costs incurred for the reshipment of the order to an exact address are entirely the responsibility of the customer.

Any order confirmed on the site implies full payment: the customer who has validated his order by clicking on the button "I confirm my order" implies an obligation to pay.

Article 12 - Order process

Reading the site is free and open to all, without opening an account. But to place an order, you must necessarily go through the opening of an account. The different stages of the ordering process are as follows.

- It starts by entering an email address and a password which constitute a login. The login allows the customer to connect and disconnect from the site. They then have access to their account from which they can manage their orders, view orders, modify or add addresses, request quotes, modify their login, etc.

- The individual customer must then indicate his contact details (identity, address and other useful information for invoicing and delivery).

- The professional client must do the same and also indicate the name of his company and the intra-community VAT number.

- The customer chooses the items he puts in his basket: he has the choice of quantities, the choice of various variations by drop-down menu (color, diameter, power, etc.) and he is responsible for his choices. Each time an item is added to the cart, a window opens to confirm this addition to the cart.

- When the customer has finished filling his basket, the next step is to display the contents of his basket called "Summary Shopping-Cart". This window allows the customer to check his order using the following elements: the description of the product, a photo, the quantity ordered, the price of each item, the delivery price, the total price excluding taxes and the total price including all taxes. . The page also indicates the delivery address and the billing address.

- The site program is capable of detecting certain input errors: the customer must however ensure that any errors are identified and corrected. If the customer makes an error in his order or in his contact details, he cannot blame Naïades.

- During the ordering process an indication "free shipping" appears only when the total amount of the order exceeds 400 Euros including tax. This indication is not effective provided that all the items in the basket can be shipped by package. If one or more items are too heavy or if their dimensions do not allow shipment by parcel, an exact calculation of shipping costs is submitted to the customer for transport on a pallet. The customer can cancel their order if they find the shipping costs excessive.

This calculation is carried out by Naïades on a case-by-case basis, and the details of the possibilities are mentioned in the following article of these general conditions of sale, as well as on a special information page accessible from the home page. The fact that these shipping costs, which cannot reasonably be calculated in advance, are indicated in the description of all the articles concerned. By reading the description of a heavy item that requires transport on a pallet, the customer therefore knows in advance that he will - eventually - have to bear costs calculated on a case-by-case basis according to many variables. He may cancel his order if he considers the shipping costs to be excessive. If the order is large and Naïades thinks they can make a gesture of goodwill, the shipping costs may be reduced or even free.

- The customer continues the ordering process by clicking on the "proceed to checkout" button and a new window opens. The customer can also choose a delivery / billing address stored on his account, add a new address or add a specific comment for the attention of Naïades.

- The customer continues the ordering process by still clicking on the "proceed to checkout" button, and he still has a final choice to have the order delivered to the previously selected address, or to take the order to the store.

- Before clicking on the button "I agree to the terms of service and will adhere to them unconditionally. (Read the conditions of use)" The customer agrees to read the content of this page relating to the conditions of use and general conditions of sale. It is not possible to continue the ordering process if the button is not clicked. To this end, the following message appears "You must accept the terms of use before continuing".

- The customer continues the ordering process by always clicking on the "proceed to checkout" button, a page summarizing the items ordered appears and the customer has the choice of the method of payment according to his location. The three payment methods are bank transfer, check, or online payment by card on a secure payment site such as Ingenico.

In the event of a bank transfer, the customer has the choice between a bank located in Belgium, or a second located in France. The contact details of these banks can be found on a special page accessible from the home page.

- The customer chooses one of the three payment methods and must then click on the "I confirm my order" button. From that moment the order is deemed valid and the contract between the customer and Naiades sprl is concluded which means that the customer has the obligation to pay for his order.

- The customer then proceeds to payment by clicking on the buttons corresponding to the selected payment method. Upon validation of the purchase and payment by the customer, the latter receives a detailed order confirmation in his mailbox. The customer can print an invoice that he can read from his account on the site.

- Note that the credit card used for payment is immediately debited at the time of the transaction.

Naïades then proceeds to pack the goods and ship them as quickly as possible. The customer can know the progress of the process by consulting his account. The customer also receives an email during each operation (order preparation, order shipped, etc.) as well as the parcel numbers to follow the delivery.

Article 13 - Transport costs

The transport costs are the responsibility of the customer. The program of the website calculates and indicates the price of transport according to the weight, and according to the location of the customer.

During the ordering process, the customer therefore knows the cost of transporting his order.

To know the price in advance, a price list can be viewed on the site: the price varies depending on the location and the estimated weight of the order.

This procedure is only valid for items on the site shipped by package. Thus, an indivisible article weighing more than 30 kg including packaging cannot be sent by parcel. Example: a large pump or a bucket of water treatment product weighing 31 kg. This article can therefore only be shipped on a pallet, by carrier.

Likewise, if an object exceeds the dimensions accepted by parcel transport companies, this article must also be shipped on a pallet. Example: a pond filter 2 meters long.

These two types of items are referred to as "heavy and / or bulky items". A third category of products cannot be shipped by package: these are dangerous products, flammable products, etc. These products are always shipped on a pallet provided for this purpose.

The program on the website is not intended to calculate the shipping costs of "heavy and / or bulky" or dangerous items. There are many variables used to calculate a correct price: location, weight, volumetric weight, possible supplements depending on location, type of packaging, etc.

In addition, the Naïades company believes that it should be possible to give a discount to a customer who buys material for a large amount or, to give a discount to another because he buys material very regularly. However, if an order includes at least one "heavy and / or bulky" item, it is impossible to program the software to obtain a satisfactory and fair result.

For these reasons, the method of calculating transport costs is as follows: if an order contains only items that can be shipped by parcel, then the amount indicated by the program is considered correct and will not ever be amended. The customer who clicked on the button "I confirm my order" knows the exact amount of the costs and has the obligation to pay for his order.

But, if an order contains at least one item classified as "heavy and / or bulky" or dangerous, then the customer will receive an email inviting him to pay the shipping costs calculated as accurately as possible. In this case, Naïades reserves the right to apply the full price, or to grant a discount according to the customer's habits, the quantity ordered, the nature (etc.) of the material acquired.

For logistical or economic reasons, it will sometimes be possible to ship the material of an order by both types of shipment (parcel shipment combined with pallet shipment). In this case, a proposal will be made to the customer as to the price of the two types of shipment.

If the customer agrees, a link will be sent to them for online payment: they can also, if they prefer, pay the transport costs by bank transfer or check.

If the customer feels that the costs are higher than he thought, he will have the choice to modify his order, or to simply cancel it. Naïades will reimburse him for the full amount of his order without delay.

During his visit to the site, and during the ordering process, the customer can learn about the type of item that may or may not be shipped by parcel, by reading the simple mention "delivery on pallet only, costs of carriage payable ".

The customer also has the possibility of knowing the amount of the shipping costs on pallet, before ordering, by simply asking Naïades by simple email.

Free shipping: the program generates the cancellation of shipping costs and therefore makes shipping free when the customer purchases items on the site for an amount greater than 400 Euros. This offer only applies to orders that only include items shipped by package. The cancellation of shipping costs therefore does not concern the transport on pallets of products classified as "heavy and / or bulky" nor of products considered dangerous or flammable. One condition: the total weight of the order (therefore, of the packages) must not exceed 100 kg. However, as indicated, if the order is large or if Naïades considers that it can make a commercial gesture, it is possible to reduce these costs, or even to make transport by parcel, or on pallet free.

To summarize: if the amount of your order exceeds 400 Euros AND the total weight of the order does not exceed 100 Kg, the shipping is free: this applies ONLY for shipments of PARCELS, therefore not transport on pallets.

This offer cannot be offered to customers who reside in distant countries: the program is nevertheless able to distinguish and inform the customer when they benefit from free transport. In addition, the customer can consult the price list to find out the amount allowing free shipping, as well as the countries concerned by this possibility.

Increase in shipping costs: an increase is requested for sending parcels to the islands that are transported by air freight. These are overseas territories belonging economically to Europe but not geographically within Europe. If the customer considers that this increase is excessive, he can cancel his order.

Article 14 - Delivery

Delivery is only made after full payment of the order.

The ordered items are usually delivered within 1 - 5 working days with the exception of some goods executed in many variations. These are generally delivered between 5 to 10 days: this only concerns large filtration equipment which we know is sometimes produced on demand or modified according to the wishes of the customer.

The delivery time can also depend on the carrier: most common items are in stock or available within 48 hours, but you have to take into account that carriers do not pick up packages on weekends, and also take into account that 'an order delivered on a pallet in a remote geographical area will be delivered later than an order delivered in a package.

In the event of late delivery, Naïades sprl cannot be held liable and no compensation can be claimed.

The usual delivery time (time required for the carrier to deliver the equipment) is 48 to 72 hours (working days) in Belgium, Luxembourg or France. For Belgium, in most cases, the order is delivered the next day. The deadline goes from 15 days for the DOM TOM.

According to the legislation, the legal maximum delivery period is 30 days: after this period, the customer has the right to cancel the order.
Characteristics of packages sent by DPD / Chronopost:

Maximum weight: 31.5 kg

Maximum circumference: 3.00 meters (2 x height + 2 x width + length)

Maximum length: 1.75 meters

3 delivery attempts at no additional cost. (Exception: France = 1 delivery attempt)

Delivery time: Belgium: 1 working day - International: 1 to 4 days.
Characteristics of packages sent by Colissimo (Colissimo offer without signature)

Maximum weight: 30 Kg.

Maximum circumference: L + W + h <150 cm

Tariff supplement if the maximum authorized circumference is exceeded (with the customer's agreement): Price: € 15.00 incl. VAT Applicable for objects whose dimension L + W + H> 150 cm (with a maximum of 200 cm).

The risk of loss or damage to the goods is transferred to the customer when the latter, or a third party designated by him, and other than the carrier, takes physical possession of these goods, that is to say, on delivery. If a customer prefers to appoint himself a carrier of his choice, and this carrier has not been offered by Naïades, in this case, the risk is transferred to the consumer upon delivery of the goods to the carrier, without prejudice to the rights of which the consumer disposes with regard to his carrier.

If the package does not comply with the order and the customer has not received the correct item, he has the right to obtain the replacement of the non-compliant product at the expense of Naïades. If the replacement of the good is impossible due to a shortage of stock or within a reasonable period of time, the customer has the right to cancel his order and obtain a full refund, including shipping costs.

Naïades is responsible for any damage caused to goods during transport, even if the carrier is the perpetrator. The customer releases Naïades from this responsibility by receiving the order. When the customer accepts the good, he agrees on its condition: if apparent damage is noted after receipt, no refund can be demanded. Naïades therefore recommends checking the package and especially its contents in the presence of the deliveryman.

It can happen that the container of a package is damaged, but not its contents: this is why it is essential to check the contents in order to avoid the unnecessary return of goods that are ultimately in good condition. In this case, Naïades reserves the right to invoice the actual shipping costs to return the initially refused package.

In the event of actual damage to the contents of a package, the customer must absolutely refuse it, write down the reason for the refusal (packaging and contents of the package damaged) on the carrier's delivery slip and immediately notify Naïades in writing (by email or registered letter only).

To be valid, the reason for refusal must be in writing and formulated at the time of delivery. It must be precise and describe the delivery anomalies AND the damage suffered to the goods (and not exclusively the packaging) with the reference or the name of the parts concerned. The observations must be complete because only the damages mentioned will be considered as existing at the time of delivery.

These conditions, imposed by the carriers, must be fulfilled by the customer who is the sole judge at the time of delivery. This is essential to attempt a reimbursement request by the carrier's insurance. If these conditions are not met, Naïades sprl cannot be held responsible for the damage and no complaint can be accepted.

Depending on the country and the carrier, the package is presented one or more times to the customer. In case of absence, a calling card is left and invites the customer to collect the order at the location indicated on the calling card. The package can stay there for a week, after which it will be returned to the store. In this case, Naïades reserves the right to invoice the actual shipping costs to return the goods.

No complaint can be taken into account after delivery of a good if the follow-up of Colissimo, DPD, Chronopost or any other authorized carrier certifies that the good was delivered to the address indicated by the customer.

The customer is asked for a MINIMUM of attention to follow the delivery of his goods and for this, a parcel number is sent to him. One week after the delivery date or attempted delivery indicated on the carrier's tracking, no claim can be taken into account and Naïades cannot be held responsible for the non-delivery of a package, its loss, or even delivery to the wrong address. The burden of proof lies with the customer. Naïades relies on the indications contained in the monitoring of carriers to confirm or not the delivery of a good.


If a package returns to the store due to non-delivery following an incorrect address indicated by the customer, or non-delivery caused by the customer (absence and/or failure to find the package at the post office or at the relay point ) or, following the recipient's refusal to receive it, the package may be sent a second time, but at the actual price of the service, and not at the price indicated on the site which is a commercial rate.

Article 15 - Right of withdrawal

The customer has the right to withdraw from the sales contract without giving any reason within fourteen days. The withdrawal period expires fourteen days after the day on which the customer, or a third party other than the carrier and designated by the customer, takes physical possession of the goods.

If multiple goods are ordered at once by the customer, but delivered separately, or in several lots or pieces, the withdrawal period expires at the end of a period of fourteen calendar days from the day on which the customer, or a third party other than the carrier and designated by the customer, takes physical possession of the last good, lot or part.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer MUST notify their decision to withdraw by means of an unambiguous statement (for example, letter sent by post or email). The customer can also use the model withdrawal form offered at the bottom of the page and send his decision to the address: Naïades, 2B rue des Ardennes at B- 6780 Wolkrange, telephone 063/229079, email address: )

The customer who exercises this right of withdrawal has the obligation to proceed - under his responsibility and at his expense - to the return of the good in its original packaging to the address of Naïades indicated above, accompanied by the invoice of purchase within fourteen days of sending the withdrawal form.

In the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal, Naïades reimburses the customer for all the sums paid for the goods delivered and returned under the conditions set out above, as soon as possible and at the latest within fourteen days following the date on which this right has been exercised.

In the absence of a return under the conditions set out above, no refund is due by Naïades.

A package refused by the customer during delivery for any reason whatsoever is not subject to the conditions of the right of withdrawal: the right of withdrawal assumes first receipt of the goods, then the decision to use this right, not the other way around.

Effects of withdrawal

Naïades reimburses the goods using the same means of payment as that used for the initial transaction, unless the customer expressly agrees to a different means.

The customer must bear the transport costs of the goods. If the return of a good requires the sending of several packages, the customer will therefore have to pay the shipping costs for all the necessary packages.

If the item is heavy and bulky and required transport on a pallet, the return will be made in the same way at the customer's expense. The price for returning goods on a pallet varies greatly and the price requested is equivalent to the price offered by the Naïades carrier, even if the customer has benefited from a discount on transport.

In short, what are the costs payable by the consumer?
• the costs paid by the consumer when expressly choosing a delivery method different from the
standard, less expensive delivery method offered by the company.
• the costs of returning the goods, unless the company forgot to inform the consumer of the
so he has to take care of them.
• the costs owed to the company for the service provided until the moment he exercises his right to
withdrawal, after having requested that the service contract begin before the end of the period of

Naïades refunds using the same payment method as that used for the initial transaction, unless the customer expressly agrees on a different method.

The customer must bear the costs of returning the goods: these return costs are estimated at a maximum of EUR 35 per package. If the return of a good requires the sending of several packages, the customer will therefore have to pay the shipping costs of all the necessary packages.

If the good is heavy and bulky and it required transport on a pallet, the return will be made in the same way at the customer's expense. The price for returning goods on a pallet is very variable and the asking price is equivalent to the price offered by the carrier of Naïades, even if the customer has benefited from a discount on transport.

The customer's liability is only engaged with regard to the depreciation of the good resulting from manipulations other than those necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and proper functioning of this good. Indeed, the law clearly provides that the customer who uses the good to an extent that exceeds what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and proper functioning of the good, does not lose his right of withdrawal, but is responsible for any depreciation of the property.

Naïades can therefore invoice or deduct from the refundable amount a compensatory sum for goods returned damaged, with traces of assembly or improper handling, or even for repairing the goods. It is the same for the repair or replacement of a particular packaging or device specially designed for the good: if the customer damages or destroys a packaging or a protection specially designed for the good, he is responsible for it.

The burden of proof concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal lies with the customer.

Exceptions to the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is not an unlimited right, it does not apply to the following goods:

- equipment whose price depends on fluctuations on the financial market beyond the control of Naïades and likely to occur during the withdrawal period.

- equipment made, cut, or personalized according to customer specifications such as for example EPDM membranes, 3D EPDM membranes, tinted polyester resins, pipe cuts, Ecolat roll cut to allow shipment, filter modified or adapted as desired from the customer etc

- hardware comprising sealed computer software which has been unsealed after delivery. Example: pump with controller that requires electronic registration which once registered can no longer be resold as new (example, Blue Eco pump).

- UVC lamps, various lamps protected or not by blister pack.

- treatment, care, reload tests, sealing or food products that are not protected by a blister pack.

- equipment whose blister-type packaging and / or a protective film has been torn or removed. Example: a care product or a food from which the protective film is removed ...

- equipment whose vacuum packaging has been torn or removed. Example: bag of spare air pump membranes…

- equipment liable to deteriorate or expire quickly, examples: polyester or Impermax sealants.

- spare parts: a spare parts purchase service is offered and given the diversity of references, brands etc. the majority of parts are expressly ordered from a supplier for the customer. Given the very low probability of resale of any of these parts, the right of withdrawal does not apply to these goods.

- equipment which have been the subject of a prior estimate at the customer's request. In this case, after acceptance of the quote, the withdrawal period does not apply.

The private consumer is supposed to read the general conditions of sale before placing his order and implicitly accepts these conditions. The buyer who is a professional has no right of withdrawal.

As already indicated, the right of withdrawal only applies to distance purchases only, and not to purchases made partially or totally at the store (see article 1).

Article 16 - Complaints

Any complaint relating to an invoice must be sent in writing no later than 15 calendar days after receipt. Otherwise, the customer will no longer be able to dispute this invoice.

Any complaint for difference in quantities or non-conformity of specifications must be received by registered letter within 7 calendar days of receipt. The complaint must also be sent within the same 7 calendar days, by email to After this period, the complaint will no longer be taken into consideration.

Any complaint relating to the non-receipt of a package must be sent by email no later than one week after the delivery date (date indicated on the follow-up sent by the carrier). After one month, the tracking information is no longer accessible: therefore the package is considered lost and Naïades cannot be held responsible for the non-delivery of a package, its loss, or even delivery to a wrong address. The burden of proof lies with the customer, who should normally exercise a minimum of care during a planned, supposed or expected shipment. The examination of a complaint does not imply the recognition of its merits by Naiads. In the event that a complaint is declared founded, Naïades' liability is limited only to the repair or replacement of the defective goods. Naïades' liability does not in any way include the cost of labor, travel expenses, compensation for loss of profit or loss of profit or any other indirect loss.

Article 17 - Jurisdictional provisions

The site and its content are governed by Belgian law, and any possible dispute relating to it will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Belgian courts.

Article 18 - Intellectual property

It is strictly forbidden to reproduce any content or element of the site without having first obtained the express written authorization of Naïades.

All elements such as texts, photos, videos, images, diagrams and other data appearing on the site are protected by intellectual rights belonging to Naïades. Without the prior written consent of Naïades, it is forbidden to reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, send or sell any of these elements. In the event of an infringement, Naïades always initiates civil or criminal proceedings as the case may be.

Model withdrawal form (copy / paste and send us in case of withdrawal)

Please complete and return this form only if you wish to withdraw from the contract.

For the attention of Naïades sprl 2B rue des Ardennes B- 6780 Wolkrange.

I / We (*) hereby notify / notify you of my / our (*) withdrawal from the contract for the sale of the property (*) / for the provision of service (*) below
…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………… ..

Ordered on (*) / received on (*) ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… …….

Name of consumer (s) ………………………………………………………………………………………………………
…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………… ..

Address of consumer (s) …………………………………………………………………………………………………
…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………… ..

Date …………………………………………………………………………………………………

Signature of consumer (s)
…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………… ..

(*) Delete the unnecessary mention