Terms and conditions

Any order implies the acceptance of the following terms of sale, which can not be opposed to particular purchasing conditions

In case of dispute, only the court of Arlon is competent.


These conditions and provisions govern the sale, stipulate your rights and obligations concerning any purchase, order, receipt or shipment of equipment ordered via the website www.bassin-baignade.eu of the company "Naïades".

The sales contract is created by accepting the order placed by the consumer.

This means that as soon as the customer clicks on the button "I confirm my order" the customer implicitly acknowledges that he has to pay the order.

Exception: an article that requires a delivery on a pallet whose price of transport is communicated by email. If the price of the transport is not accepted by the customer, he can cancel his order. To do this, the customer has 24 hours to cancel: otherwise, the order is validated and therefore invoiced.

The 24-hour time limit for declining and canceling begins when the mail informing the transport amount has been sent to the customer.

In all other cases (delivery by parcel, payment is due as soon as the button "I confirm my order" has been entered (directive 2011/83 article 2.7).

We implement all means that are reasonably at our disposal for the execution of this order. However, we reserve the right to refuse the order at any time.

The acceptance of the order from us is confirmed by a personalized e-mail message containing an overview of the order made by the consumer. In this confirmation email, it says:

 - the number and designation of the items ordered.

- the price of the items and the price of the shipping costs (except in case of pallets if heavy equipment).

- the name of the customer.

- the delivery and billing address.

The customer pays the amount indicated during the online ordering process because any order involves prepayment.

Upon payment of the amount of the order, we undertake to execute the shipment of the goods.

In case of prolonged non-availability of a desired article, an e-mail is sent to the customer.

We can not be held responsible for the prolonged non-availability of one or more articles.

The representations or photographs of models of articles as well as dimensions and weights are not contractual and do not incur our responsibility. We always indicate the characteristics that suppliers provide us.

In the majority of cases we try to represent the article as it really is. However in some cases this is not possible and a generic photo is inserted in the description (eg lamps, quartz, PVC etc.).

The minimal differences do not hurt the customer: the reference of the brand and model of the article is always imperative. This is the exact model you receive even if the representation is sometimes slightly different.

For orders placed from a non-European country, we can ensure the execution of the order and administrative formalities, but a supplement is requested (which is indicated on the confirmation mail).


The prices indicated on the site are expressed in Euros including all taxes (VAT included).

The shipping costs are indicated automatically at the end of the order according to the volume, the weight and the location of the customer (except bulky and / or heavy). If the place of delivery is located at a location deemed to be difficult to access (an island, a narrow bridge preventing truck traffic, lack of road infrastructure etc.) an additional fee will be charged.

Shipping costs for bulky and / or heavy material are communicated / confirmed by email The shipping cost is detailed in the "Shipping" section.


All orders are payable before shipment of goods.

You can choose between on-line payment by card (secure payment on site), or by bank transfer (ING account in Belgium or account at Société Générale in France, see "payment methods").

Our French customers can pay by check addressed exclusively in the name of "Naïades" to the address: Naïades - Francis Reis 2B rue des Ardennes, 6780 Messancy - Wolkrange (Belgium).

The check must be signed and sent by simple letter (not by registered mail, which obliges us to go to the post office ...)

Until full payment of the sums owed to him, the company "Naïades" remains the owner of the products ordered and reserves the right to proceed to their recovery by any means made available to him in case of default of the final settlement.

Delivery time

The items we offer are usually delivered within 1 - 5 business days, with the exception of certain products available in many finishes (filters, special orders outside the shop, etc.).

The delay depends more on the carrier than on us: most of the items offered are either stocked or available within 48 hours.

In the event of delayed delivery, our liability can not be incurred and no compensation can be claimed.

The usual delivery time (the time required for the carrier to transport the equipment) is 48 to 72 working days (Belgium, France), 5 to 12 days for North Africa and 15 days for French overseas departments and territories.

For Belgium, in the majority of cases, the order arrives the next day.

According to EC legislation, the maximum delivery time is 30 days: after this period, the customer has the right to cancel the order.

The customer is responsible for verifying the accuracy and completeness of the information indicated in the order process.

The exact and complete entry of the delivery address is essential for trouble-free delivery.

We are not responsible for any errors of entry (incorrect address, incomplete, no phone number etc), nor consequences in terms of delay or error of delivery.

In this case, all expenses incurred for the redirection of the order are entirely at the customer's expense.

Please note that two weeks after the date of shipment (the information is accessible to your account, an email is also sent to you) no claim is taken into account if a package should not be delivered (shipped, but not delivered following an error).

After this period, the parcel is deemed lost and without your attention, it is impossible for us to react.


All the material sold on the site bassin-baignade.eu benefits from the manufacturer's warranty against hidden defects and defects.

The warranty is limited to repairing or replacing the defective material without compensation on this account.

The shipping costs for returning defective units during the warranty period are the responsibility of the buyer.

To benefit from the effects of the warranty, it is essential to keep the invoice or proof of purchase AND the warranty documents attached to the equipment.

For your comfort, we take care of your warranty problems: in case of worries, contact us because we remain your main interlocutor.


The buyer can cancel his purchase within 14 calendar days of receipt of his order. For this, the buyer MUST on the one hand communicate us (by mail only) his intention to give up the purchase.

Upon receipt of our agreement / confirmation, the customer can return the equipment to us and must send us the proof of deposit of the parcel to the carrier. Without this or beyond the period of retraction, no return will be refunded.

The goods must be returned in their original packaging, undamaged, not unpacked, accompanied by all their accessories and the manual of use.

The shipping costs are borne by the buyer: he can know the price by addressing the Post, if he opts for this mode of shipping. If the buyer wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal, he must not use the material which will be returned in its original packaging, unpacked and always sealed: this is imperative.

Excluded are cut to size articles (eg pipe, EPDM membrane) as well as all UVC lamps, quartz tubes and various lamps.

Treatment, care, waterproofing and food products can also not be taken back or exchanged.

Spare parts that are the subject of a special order for a customer are not taken back or exchanged.

The same applies to items that are discontinued or liquidated.

The refund of the items taken back (in case of cancellation of order or in the event of retraction) is made by transfer or by the company in charge of the transactions (Ogone) upon receipt of the parcel re-dispatched and after verification of the product.

Note: the new EC directive allows us to pay back within 14 days, we try in most cases to repay very quickly. Please note that only products are refunded, not shipping costs.

The purchaser has the right at his place to handle and inspect the property in a manner that would also be permitted in the store, but not more: if the packaging or part of the packaging is damaged, We will refund the amount of the item by subtracting the value of depreciation (25 to 60%).

These provisions do not apply to professionals who have no right of return.

Specific case of spare parts.

As part of the sale of spare parts, we offer an ordering service to many manufacturers. This service consists of ordering, receiving, checking, packing and shipping the equipment to the final customer.

If the equipment and the sending of the equipment are paying, the service is free: therefore if a customer solicits the company Naïades to render this service to him, he renounces his right of retractation.

This recognition begins when you place your order on the site. The measure described above applies only to spare parts.


The ordered products are placed at the customer's disposal at the store in Messancy / Wolkrange: as a complementary service Naïades gives the customer the possibility that a transport intermediary sends his order with his prior agreement.

In this case, Naïades is mandated when ordering on the site, to choose this intermediary who is either Colissimo, ChronoPost or a carrier mandated as DPD or UPS.

Parcels sent by Colissimo / Chronopost are presented once at the indicated address: in case of absence, a notice of passage is deposited and invites the customer to withdraw the order to the local post or to a relay point.

The place of withdrawal is indicated on the notice of transit.

The other parcels sent by DPD for example, are presented twice: in case of repeated absence, the parcel is deposited in the local post for 1 week, then return of the parcel to the store.

The means of transport proposed for delivery are the most economical.

The cost of the mandated carrier is calculated automatically during its order on the site (except heavy and / or cumbersome material) and is included in the order and in the total to be paid.

The ordered material is delivered to the address indicated by the customer during the ordering process.

If the parcel can not be delivered due to an error (wrong address, eg bad postal code or house number ...) and the parcel is returned to us, the customer is obliged to pay the actual port charges ( And not the charges requested on the site at the time of the order) as well as a lump sum for the reconditioning of the parcel, in order to return the parcel to the correct address this time.

The same conditions apply if an essential coordinate is missing (eg telephone number).

In case of damages, the customer must note on the delivery note of the carrier, AND on the other hand, inform "Les Naïades" within 48 hours by registered letter or by e-mail.

This is not a vexatious measure but an indispensable element in attempting to claim a refund by the carrier's insurance or by the carrier itself.

After this period of three days, no claim will be accepted.

Case of force majeure

In the event of force majeure such as strikes by carriers, accidents, fires, natural disasters, etc, the responsibility of the "Naïades" can not be engaged, this list is not exhaustive.


Any order implies the acceptance of the conditions of sale mentioned above nothing except or reserved. In case of dispute, only the court of Arlon is competent.

Use of Content

The texts, photos, drawings, graphics and other elements of this site are protected by copyright.

Any copying and distribution of one or more elements of this site in any form whatsoever is strictly prohibited without prior written agreement of our company.

If you are an individual, you are however authorized to copy or download and reproduce the documents presented on the site under the following conditions:

- the mention of our site with a link must appear with the copies.

- the use of copied material can not be used for commercial purposes.

- if you are a professional, the copy is not allowed.


We always sue people who have stolen content from our site.

Whether it be text, photos, various images ... we always have authenticated the flight by usher to start a procedure and file a complaint. Damages are still sought before the Tribunal d'Arlon.

Law and Privacy

Naïades undertakes not to disclose to third parties the information communicated by the customers on the site.

This data is confidential and will only be used for order processing.

In accordance with the Directive on privacy, customers have the right to access, correct, modify and delete data.

To exercise this right of deletion, simply send us a simple request by email