Tariff of the shipment of parcels according to the country (*)

Belgium: 9 € per package up to 30 kg.

Netherlands: 9 € per package up to 30 kg.

France: 9 € per package up to 5 kg - 14,50 € per package up to 30 kg.

Italy: 30 € per package up to 30 kg.

Spain: 35 € per package up to 30 kg.

Portugal: 41 € per package up to 30 kg.

Switzerland: 49 € per package up to 30 kg.

Your order can be shipped in several ways, but during the ordering process you have nothing to choose, the program offers the best price (except for sending heavy and / or bulky items that we calculate on a case-by-case basis your order).

The different sending possibilities

1. By package

This concerns the small material that can be shipped by this method.

The package must weigh up to 30 Kg and its dimensions must meet the requirements of the carriers.


Maximum circumference of 300 cm (2 x height + 2 x width + length).

Maximum length of 1.75 m and maximum 30 kg.


Colissimo delivered to an address: standard dimensions maxi: L + l + H <150 cm and 30 kg maximum.

Colissimo relay points: maximum standard dimensions: L + l + H <150 cm and 20 kg maximum.

Specific cases

A small supplement is sometimes added by the program in the following cases:

> An order that requires the sending of several parcels even if the weight is less than 30 Kg!

Example: you order 50 brushes of 70 x 15 cm: even if the weight is less than 30 Kg, the size is such that it is necessary to ship several boxes ...

> UV lamp or quartz tube of large sizes ... Too fragile, they are often shipped separately to arrive in good condition.

> Non-mechanistic package weighing 30 Kg maxi: items shipped packed but not in a case, examples: Ecolat 14 cm, roll of pipe, large Japanese carpets.

2. on pallet

For heavy and / or bulky material, examples: filters, EPDM roller etc.

The price is calculated on a case by case basis and is transmitted to you after your order (you are always free to accept or give up).

It is not possible to propose a program that can tell you immediately a correct price as the variables are numerous: location, weight, volume etc.

Rather than applying a penalty, we prefer to calculate the price on a case-by-case basis.

The price of the port is decreasing: the more you embark on the value on your pallet, the more you give us the means to lower the price of the port.

For this mode of transport, a price offer follows your order: you have the choice to accept or refuse.

If, in the meantime, a payment has been made, the reimbursement comes from your cancellation email.


Make a simulation of order to know the price (delivery by parcel): it does not commit to anything.

For shipments on pallets, group your purchases! The more value you have on a pallet, the lower the shipping costs!

Free Shipping

If the amount of your order exceeds 400 Euros, the port is free: this concerns only shipments per package, not per pallet.

Offer valid for Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Monaco.

Regularly, we deliver material directly to the customer: this concerns mainly complete basin configurations (EPDM, filtration, pumps, UV etc).

By pooling shipments, we can reduce shipping costs and offer equipment at very advantageous prices. Moreover, you benefit from the assurance of obtaining the delivered equipment in good condition, with explanations on the assembly.

You have the opportunity to ask all your questions regarding the installation of your equipment. More comfortable than a carrier delivery, we agree on an appointment, no unnecessary stress, and the assurance of acquiring what you need with the consulting service in addition.

Contact us, we go regularly throughout France.

If you would like further information, please contact us at

(*) General tariff valid for each of these countries except for exceptions such as islands or other territories difficult to access such as Corsica or Breton islands which require additional means to ship equipment. We adapt on a case-by-case basis, after reviewing your order. A supplement is likely to be requested for these particular cases. For territories outside the EC, 30 Euros per package / pallet will be required for customs declaration documents.