Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery delay ?

The question you ask most often!

Our transport partners (DPD, Chronopost etc) deliver parcels generally - normally - in the following timeframes:

Belgium D + 1

Luxembourg D + 1

France J + 2-3

Switzerland D + 3

Italy D + 2-3-4

Portugal J + 2-3-4

It is obvious that we can do nothing in the speed or the relative slowness of a delivery ...

As soon as the parcel is dispatched, the delay is under the responsibility of the carriers: no need to send us an e-mail or call to request the delivery time if the parcel has not arrived after the normal deadline ...

Simply follow your order on tracking DPD with the number of the parcel that has been transmitted to you (parcel of more than 5 Kg) and to be patient.

The indicated times are in working days: if you order on a Friday night, do not expect a Monday morning delivery at 500 km, it is clearly impossible!

Delivery time ?

We can ship approximately 90% of orders on the day we receive the payment.

The next day if the order passes in the afternoon.

The remaining 10% depend only on the delivery time of our suppliers (in case we missed a component of an order)

Our main suppliers deliver to us twice a week in season (once a week in winter).

We therefore have the possibility to ship quickly ... but sometimes, an article is no longer available temporarily, we then make the decision to inform you, or to postpone the shipment, or to send part of the command.

We do the best as the case may be: only care products are given priority.

Shipping costs?

The shipping costs are clearly indicated in the grid, this concerns the parcels by parcels.

Some items require special packaging (because fragile, or very long etc.) and in these special cases, a supplement is required: it is calculated directly by the program, so no unpleasant surprises!

The same applies to some "non-mechanisable" items (which can not be packed or placed in a crate): a small supplement is asked to pay the surcharge requested by the carrier.

You can simulate an order without obligation on the site. !

What are the shipping costs for large pallet material?

It is not possible for the program to calculate these costs immediately: the amount depends on the location, the weight, the volume, the nature of the material (hazardous How much) of the amount of the order ...

If the amount of the order is large, we can reduce the shipping costs by giving you a discount.

On the other hand, if the shipment is to be done for example at 600 km for equipment whose relative value is rather modest, it is clear that we can not offer a substantial discount because the carrier always asks for the same price!

So to reduce these shipping costs, it is necessary to concentrate a maximum of high value material on a pallet: some have understood it and come together to order in group, the price of transport becomes very interesting!

Free Shipping ?

It is possible to get free shipping under certain conditions:

If the amount of your order exceeds 400 Euros, the port is free: this applies to parcels.

So everything except the classified material heavy and / or bulky shipped on pallet.

Example of heavy / bulky material: filters, roll of EPDM, large prefilter with grid ... In short everything that can not be sent in a box and / or that weighs more than 30 Kg.

So if the amount of your order exceeds 400 Euros and you have not ordered filters or large roll of EPDM, we ship free WITHOUT restriction of weight or number of packages.

This is not the case for many of our competitors who declare to ship free for a sum of 200 or 250 Euros ... provided that all the order holds in a single package of less than 30 Kg!

Reduced shipping costs?

In the case of the fitting of your new basin: the shipping costs are reduced as long as all the equipment is delivered in one go, on pallet. It is therefore necessary to order everything on a single order form ....

The amount of shipping charges for such a configuration is calculated on a case by case basis ... Many variables can modify the price to your advantage and in this case, the easiest way is to ask us for a price offer.

You sell equipment, but do you build ponds?

For customers who want to build a pond or to build a garden, we have competent companies and professionals who can install our equipment.

The formula has been working successfully for several years.

For those who prefer to install the equipment themselves, we provide remote monitoring which consists of advising and guiding candidates.

For the last 10 years we have 350 to 400 basins that work perfectly and that have been installed by customers who derive their satisfaction.

It is also a great pride for our company!

This method of operation concerns many small projects, as well as large basins with a law of several hundred cubic meters