Ichi Food Champion's Aquaticscience

Ichi Food Champion's Aquaticscience

142,00 € tax incl.

Ichi Food Champion's is a complete food for Koi, specially adapted for the hottest periods.

Ichi Food Champion is rich in high quality protein (not from harmful sources such as mammals or birds), immunostimulants and natural pigments. It is perfectly balanced in vitamins and trace elements.

A high rate of asthaxanthin makes it possible, among other things, to effectively fight against stress.


All AquaticScience foods can be dispensed several times a day as soon as the water temperature is at least 9 to 10 ° C. It is best to distribute several small meals.

Feed carefully by giving the amount that your fish will consume completely in minutes, depending on the water temperature, the state of the pond and the level of activity of your fish.

Type of food

Floating food.

Guaranteed Analysis
Protéines brute Min 47 %
Graisses brute Min 8,0 %
Cellulose brute Max 1,68 %
Cendres Max 10,26 %
Phosphore Min 1,09 %
Vitamine A 12000 IU / kg
Vitamine D3 2100 IU / kg
Vitamine E 400 mg / kg
Vitamine C 1000 mg / kg
Calcium 1,62 %
Sodium 0,87 %

Available in 10 kg packaging in 4-5 mm

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