Blue Lagoon Spa UVC 12 Watt


Compact UVC sterilizer designed for the spa.

Stainless steel model

251,00 € tax incl.

In the Blue Lagoon Tech SPA UVC, UVC radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm is generated by the special Philips UVC lamp, which destroys bacteria, viruses and molds.

This lamp has been specially developed by Philips and is ideal for water temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius.

The Blue Lagoon Tech SPA UVC guarantees, in an efficient and ecological way, clean, fresh and limpid water. The water is conveyed through the UVC device by means of a pump.

UVC radiation neutralizes bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms and stops their proliferation.

The Blue Lagoon Tech SPA UVC incorporates an electronic ballast. This ballast ensures maximum lamp performance. In addition, the internal stainless steel section ensures reflection of UVC radiation, resulting in an increase in efficiency of up to 50%.

The Blue Lagoon Spa UV-C effectively and safely disinfects your water and maintains excellent water quality. The kit includes fittings. The device is connected by means of PVC pipe.


UV-C 12Watt UVC.

Voltage 230 V.

UVC radiation after 6,000 hours 85%

Recommended flow 3.000 L / h.

Max pressure 1 bar.

50 mm inlet / outlet.

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