Black Knight Vortex Brush

Black Knight Vortex Brush

20,00 € tax incl.

Improve the filtration capacity of your vortex using this Black Knight brush!

It is recognized that vortices of small dimensions can practically not retain small particles in suspension ... The water flow is often too large and the smallest particles are carried away in the filter.

With this brush, it is possible to obtain a more satisfactory visual water quality and to make this first chamber more efficient.

The particles in suspension in the water are retained by a mechanical effect but also by an electrostatic attraction: the particles are attracted and retained by the fibers of the brush.

Dimensions of 260 cm x 11 cm.

For vortexes with a diameter exceeding 60 cm, it is advisable to use several brushes.

How to use these brushes?

Simply place a vortex brush into the stream of flowing water and you will be amazed at the amount of waste collected by that brush.

If your second room and the following rooms are already full of media, you can either use a vortex brush placed "strategically" around the outlet pipe, or use several to create a thicker barrier upstream of the outlet.

This will allow the heavy waste to fall to the bottom of the chamber and force the finer particles through this curtain of brushes.

The more brushes you use, the greater the amount of waste you collect

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