Tubular heat exchanger

Heat exchanger to be placed in a filter

Your choice of 15 or 30 kW in stainless steel or titanium.

139,00 € tax incl.

Heat your pool with your domestic boiler!

Easy to connect to a domestic boiler, district heating, heat pump or solar collectors

No loss of pond pump capacity!

Stainless steel heat exchangers (SVR): fresh water applications

Designed for immersion: These heat exchangers are designed to be fully submerged in water, ensuring excellent heat transfer without unnecessary resistance

Easy installation: simply connect them to the domestic boiler, district heating, heat pump or solar collectors

Efficiency of use: complete transfer of heat to water without loss of pump capacity

Titanium heat exchangers: applications in salt water!

Exceptional corrosion resistance: Titanium is particularly suitable for saltwater environments due to its high corrosion resistance

Extended life: Thanks to the durability of titanium, these heat exchangers have a longer life, especially in salt water conditions

Efficient heat transfer: Just like our stainless steel (RVS) models, these heat exchangers provide efficient heat transfer

This exchanger is simply placed in the filter or in a chamber designed for this purpose.

A hot water supply is necessary: domestic boiler or small autonomous boiler, everything is possible.

A circulator transports water from the boiler's primary circuit to the exchanger, and in the hours that follow, your pool begins to heat up.

A choice of two powers, 15 or 30 kW, (with a temperature delta of 50°C) in AISI 316L stainless steel or Titanium.

The diameter of the 15 kW coil is 12 mm.

The diameter of the 30 kW coil is 22 mm.

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