Cytofex Colombo

Cytofex Colombo

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Cytofex is active against external bacterial infections such as skin ulcers, fin rot and disease of the holes.


Cytofex is based on 100% natural raw materials that have a proven anti-bacterial effect such as Tea tree oil, Icelande Moss extract and Pau d'Arco tree.


1 ml / 30 liters, three days in a row.


Cytofex should be used for 3 consecutive days.

Day 1: 1 ml per 30 liters of basin water.

Day 2: 1 ml per 30 liters of basin water.

Day 3: 1 ml per 30 liters of basin water.

A small graduated cup is included in the package.

Shake before use. Mix the product with water from a bucket or a watering can, then spread the mixture slowly over the surface of the pond.

Do not filter with charcoal or zeolite.

UV lamps and ozone equipment must be disconnected up to 1 week after treatment.

Ventilate the pelvis well during treatment.


Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Do not inhale, do not ingest: Wash hands after use.

Avoid all contact with skin and eyes.

If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.


Between the use of Lernex and Alparex to wait at least 2 weeks.

The effect of a combination with other products is not known.


500 ml to treat 5000 liters.

1000 ml to treat 10000 liters.

2500 ml to treat 25,000 liters.


Store at room temperature between 4 and 32 ° C.

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