Fish Feeder AquaForte


Fish Feeder AquaForte

211,00 € tax incl.

Feeding fish using a vending machine has many advantages.

It provides the best nourishment for fish by always delivering the correct amount of food.

The Koi then exhibit optimal growth and more attractive colors.

All food is consumed by fish, avoiding unnecessary water pollution and filter overload.

With the easy-to-program timer, it is possible to feed the fish completely automatically from 1 to 24 times a day.

The amount of food is adjusted by adjusting the number of dispensing seconds for each feeding moment.

The number of seconds of feed per moment can be adjusted between 0 and 600 seconds. It is also possible to feed the fish by means of an external automated system, with one or more devices.


Adjustable automatic feeding moments.

External automation possible for one or more devices.

Suitable for pellet sizes between 2 and 9 mm.

Mounting bracket included.

Cable of 9 meters.

Food reserve of 7 liters.

Product made in the Netherlands.

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