Xclear Electrolyser


Xclear Electrolyser

252,00 € tax incl.

An ideal and simple method for controlling filamentous algae.

The Copper Electrolyzer is placed in the pipe system before the water returns to the basin or fountain. The housing has a copper electrode, called an electrolyzer.

These copper ions (Cu2 +) in water have a positive charge and attack the cell wall of algae, bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms.

Since the cell wall is damaged, these organisms can no longer absorb nutrients and are therefore unable to multiply.

This process of positive charge by copper is called "copper electrolysis".

Warning !

Copper is toxic to fish!

We recommend using this appliance only for fishless ponds!

Only for fountains, ornamental ponds etc.

The unit always turns off automatically after 2 weeks!

Test the copper content of the water and, if necessary, replace the electrode.

This makes it easy to control the risk of an excessive presence of copper in the water.