Firestone PondGard EPDM

Firestone PondGard EPDM

9,95 € tax incl.

The Firestone PondGard membrane has been specially designed for aquatic basins.

Due to its formulation and manufacturing process, only Firestone's PondGard membrane is compatible with aquatic life.

All EPDM membranes are not necessarily suitable for creating a pond!

Membranes intended for the waterproofing of roofs are not suitable (problems of toxicity, root resistances, flame retardant, etc.)

To avoid confusion, the Firestone PondGard membrane is easily identifiable:

- Special packaging in blue color with the Firestone PondGard logo
- Printing of the term "PNDG" on the membrane

Firestone tank sealing systems meet various national or international specifications for the physical characteristics of materials and the resistance to peeling of joints.

Firestone's Geomembrane EPDM has obtained the French certification Asqual, a benchmark in the basin industry.
Firestone PondGard ™, specially designed for decorative pools, is guaranteed for its compatibility with aquatic life by the non-toxicity certificate issued by the Water Research Center (WRc-NSF) in Great Britain.

The EPDM membranes are suitable for the production of algae type Spirulina.

For information, Firestone EPDM membranes have been tested by the French National Testing Laboratory (LNE) and have been considered to comply with the Order of 9/11/94 on rubber materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs, products And food drinks. Similarly, tests carried out by Istituto Giordano in Italy have shown that the Firestone EPDM geomembrane and its QuickSeam Splice tape + QuickPrime Plus meet the migration requirements for materials that come into contact with Water intended for human consumption (DM 06 April 2004, No. 174).

Opt for Firestone PondGard, a recognized brand with the best warranty!

Warranty Firestone manufacturer 10 years against a possible manufacturing defect and 20 years on stability to UV rays

Competing brands offer only 10 years!

The Firestone EPDM membrane is available in width of: 3.05m - 4.27m - 6.10m - 7.62m - 9.15m - 12.20m - 15.25m

Thickness of 1.02 mm

The price indicated is the price per m2

To place an order:

First select the desired width from the menu (from 3.05 m to 15.25 m)
Next, indicate the desired SURFACE in m2 in the quantity menu.

Example: You would like a membrane measuring 7.62 mx 8.00 m

This gives an area of ​​60.96 m2. (7.62 x 8.00 = 60.96 m2)

 In this case it is sufficient to select the width 7.62 m and to indicate 61 in quantity (the program does not accept decimals).

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