Checker Nitrite photometer LR Hanna Instruments


Checker Nitrite photometer LR Hanna Instruments

95,00 € tax incl.

The excellent compromise between simple test kits and costly analytical instruments!

From a pocket-sized, curvilinear design to trendy colors, this mini-photometer will amaze more than anything by its precision and measurement reliability as well as its ease of use.

Compact, easy, efficient and economical, it has been studied to make chemical analysis available to everyone.


Mini-photometer Checker HC nitrites.

Digital photometer at the price of a chemical analysis kit.

Quality measures, fast and accurate.

Very easy to use (1 key).

Lightweight (65 g) and compact, slips into all pockets.

Measures in accordance with approved methods.

Large playback screen.

Robust and practical.

Surely amazing!


Gamme µg / litre (ppb) 0 à 200
Résolution µg / litre (ppb) 1
Exactitude µg / litre (ppb) =/- 4% de la lecture 10
Méthode EPA 354-1
Source lumineuse LED 525 nm
Détecteur de lumière Cellule silicium
Piles V 1 pile 1,5 AAA
Auto-extinction minutes 3
Dimensions mm 81,5 x 61 x 37,5
Poids g 65

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