Kiyomizu Adult

Kiyomizu offers three balanced formulas so that fish receive exactly what they need in each phase of their life.

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Koi maintenance continues to improve thanks to better knowledge of food, water quality and pond design.

During the last decade, many types of food for Koi have been developed, including foods promoting growth (growth), color (color) or health (health & pro-biotic), but also for wintering (wheatgerm), etc.

For many domestic animals, the trend is to provide young specimens with adequate food. When animals reach adulthood or become older, their essential nutrient needs change. During each phase of life, they receive adapted food so that they stay healthy and, for the oldest, so that they maintain their vitality.

The koi do not escape this rule.

That's why Kiyomizu offers three balanced formulas so that fish receive exactly what they need in each phase of life.

But there is more: it prevents them from receiving too much nutrients in a phase of life where it would be harmful. By feeding the Koi on the basis of age-related needs, you will also preserve the quality of the water.

The quality of the food is very important but the quality of the water is just as important for the health and growth of the fish. Kiyomizu is composed of ingredients which guarantee an optimal digestion and a good assimilation of the components. The composition of Kiyomizu food helps preserve water quality and reduce waste.

This aspect was indeed taken into account from the outset during the development of Kiyomizu. The food is based on our current knowledge of Koi and is made from the highest quality ingredients.

Kiyomizu offers the Koi an ideal mix of components according to their age. The food is based on the most innovative developments in food production and thus conforms to the latest food standards for Koi.


Kiyomizu contains among others:

> BIO-MOS® (mannan-oligosaccharides)

> organic trace elements

> Astaxanthin

> easily assimilated proteins

> prebiotics and probiotics

> organic vitamins and minerals special algae products, essential for Omega 3 production

> montmorillonite clay (bentonite)

> yeast extracts

> ingredients that promote digestion


Wheat, fishmeal, soybean meal, wheat gluten, wheat germ, lecithin, spirulina, krill meal, yeast derivative, seaweed (Schizochytrium), yeast, fish soluble, garlic powder.

Contains preservatives and antioxidants.


The size of the Kiyomizu granules is adapted to the "target group".

When Koi of different sizes are present in a pond, we recommend starting with large pellets and waiting for large Koi to start eating before distributing the smaller pellets.

Feed one to three times a day. Do not give more than what fish eat in 5 minutes.

Eliminate food that has not been consumed. When the water temperature is below

10 ° C, Koi have less appetite and their digestion is slowed down. Feed them accordingly.

At a temperature below 5 ° C, do not feed them anymore.

Type of food

Floating food.

Guaranteed Analysis
Junior Adult Jumbo
Protéines brute 45 % 38 % 30 %
Graisses brute 8,0 % 7,0 % 6,0 %
Cellulose brute 2,0 % 2,1 % 2,3 %
Cendres 6,9 % 6,2 % 5,8 %
Phosphore 0,91 % 0,82 % 0,90
Calcium 1,3 % 1,2 % 1,0 %
Sodium 0,3 % 0,3 % 0,2 %
Vitamine A 20.000 IU/kg 20.000 IU/kg 20.000 IU/kg
Vitamine C 500 mg / kg 500 mg / kg 500 mg / kg
Vitamine E 250 mg / kg 250 mg / kg 350 mg / kg
Vitamine D3 2.352 IU/kg 2.410 IU/kg 2.694 IU/kg
Trace elements

Iron (ferrous chelate of amino acids, hydrated) 60 mg / kg

Iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) 5.0 mg / kg

Copper (cuprous chelate of amino acids, hydrated) 5.0 mg / kg

Manganese (manganese chelate of amino acids, hydrated) 20 mg / kg

Zinc (amino acid zinc chelate, hydrated) 60 mg / kg

Stabilizers of intestinal flora: Bacillus subtilis C-3102 (DSM 15544) 10,000 CFU / mg

Binders: bentonite, 1,000 mg / kg

Colorants: Astaxanthin: 25 mg / kg


Bag of 7 kg - 6 mm