AquaActiv PhosLess Anti-algae product - Oase


AquaActiv PhosLess Anti-algae product - Oase

35,50 € tax incl.

Cylinders of filter media (2 units of 1 liter), designed for Proficlear M5, based on a new and unique filtering material that traps phosphates.

Immediate-action anti-algae: rapidly removes the essential nutrient of the algae phosphate from the basin.

It reduces the total content to below the threshold of 0.035 mg / l required for algae growth.

You protect your pond permanently against the proliferation of algae.

Thanks to the multi-component system, the phosphates are then rapidly removed from the water.


2 sachets of 1 liter PhosLess CA and PhosLess FS.

Suitable for large bodies of water.

Corresponds to the PhosLess filter columns.

Can also be used directly in moving water.

Ideal in ProfiClear Premium.

Also available as a refill.


Two columns of 1 liter.

Suitable for a Koi pool of 10 m3. (40 m3 without fish).

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