P-XPERT AstralPool pump

P-XPERT AstralPool pump.

188,00 € tax incl.

These centrifugal pumps are supplied with single-phase motors of 150 W, 340 W, 490 W, 600 W, 640 W and 1030 W.

The body of the latest generation of thermoplastic pumps incorporates a pre-filter which prevents the penetration of foreign bodies and damages the hydraulic parts of the pump.

The degree of motor protection delivered with the motor-pump assembly is IP-X4: they are designed to withstand high temperatures and humidity levels.

Delivered with cable and plug.


P-Xpert fittings models 4 to 10: 38 mm (hose).

P-Xpert fittings models 12 to 16: 50 mm to be glued.

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