Flexible reducing socket

Flexible reducing socket

3,90 € tax incl.

The solution for applications where gluing is not possible.

These fittings fit very well even when the pipes are not perpendicular or aligned.

High resistance to traction and cracking: and in addition, it is demountable!

Insensitive to aging (hardening) and very flexible.

Range of use of these sleeves:

40 mm: from 38 to 41 mm.

50 mm: from 44 to 50 mm.

63 mm: 57 to 63 mm.

75 mm: from 66 to 77 mm.

90 mm: 82 to 90 mm.

110 mm: from 100 to 110 mm.

125 mm: 115 to 128 mm.

160 mm: from 148 to 164 mm.


- quick connection without gluing

- removes tensions in the pipes / prevents breakage

- allows easy connection of PVC with PE, PP, stainless steel, cast iron, concrete, etc.

- greatly reduces vibrations in the pipes

- easy to disassemble and reuse

- easy emergency repairs to pipes

- to connect pipes that are not always well aligned

- resistant to UV rays, roots, sewage gas, bacteria and various chemicals

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