Pip Pond Plus

Pip Pond Plus

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Pip Pond Plus in 5 liter packaging.

Pip Pond Plus, a Belgian product.

The treatment of water seems simple at first, but there are important differences between types of water systems.

The properties of the basins are thus totally different from those of the process water (cooling water, for example).

Chrisal therefore offers a range of probiotic water treatment products adapted to the type of water to be treated.

Ponds are a typical example of cases where excessive dirt and biofilm can disturb water and produce bad odors.

Ponds containing very expensive fish are often equipped with very expensive facilities whose purpose is to clean and sterilize the water. These, however, are often the cause of a very unhealthy microflora, which leads to infections in fish.

PIP Pond Plus ensures the correct microbial composition of your pond water. This product makes it possible to rapidly overcome the biofilm which forms in the basins and which is at the origin of the turbid waters, the dirt of the filter and the pathogenic germs.

The result ? A cleaner pond with water with healthy composition.

The Probiotics

Chrisal's products use probiotics as an active substance. Probiotics are good useful bacteria, which provide a healthy environment for both humans and animals.

Probiotic treatment of water is provided using products that contain only natural microorganisms. The probiotics used are derived from nature (land and water) and are selected according to their ability to quickly remove organic dirt so that it does not remain in the water system.

Are probiotics safe?

Totally, the probiotics used by Chrisal are even approved for international food use. Chrisal also asked external laboratories to carry out additional tests to rule out any doubt

Do no harmful germs develop resistance to probiotics?

No, microorganisms can not develop resistance to other microorganisms, they become only resistant to the chemicals that threaten them.


> The probiotics of the Chrisal products are selected on the basis of their ability to treat organic soil and transform it into CO2 in order to clean the biofilm and dirt from the pond.

> The organic dirt that accumulates in water systems ends up rotting. Some micro-organisms use it to feed themselves and turn it into malodorous gases. The probiotics of Chrisal products actively absorb organic dirt and transform it into volatile compounds without odors,

> The biggest problem of water systems: the excessive development of undesirable micro-organisms such as algae or cyanobacteria. They are a visual problem but can also pose a danger to the health of humans and animals.

The probiotics of the Chrisal products guarantee a healthy natural microflora in water systems, safe for humans and animals.

Safety and the environment

Probiotics are totally natural, therefore they contribute actively to the preservation of the environment. The probiotics used always come from earth and water, so they guarantee a natural balance.

Chrisal also benefits from the European Ecolabel certificate, proof of our compliance with the most recent requirements defined for ecological cleaners.

Chrisal continues to invest heavily in innovation and is often ahead of existing legislation on green products.

Dosage for the pelvis

On startup: 50 ml of PIP Pond Plus per 1,000 liters of water every day in the first week.

Maintenance dose:

If water is healthy: 15 ml of PIP Pond Plus per 1000 liters of water per week.

If the water is dirty: 50 ml of PIP Pond Plus per 1000 liters of water per week.

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