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CBF pressure filter with UV AquaForte

95,00 €

Complete filtration kit consisting of an AquaForte CBF pressure filter (with backwash function) including a UVC, an AquaForte EC pump, a 10 meter hose and 4 hose clamps.

210,00 €

The all-in-one solution for small ponds. 4-in-1 submersible filters with pump, UVC, filter media and fountain nozzle. Easy and quick to use, no complicated installation with pipes, cables and all kinds of connections. Place the Combi Clear at the bottom of the pool, plug in and that's it!

135,00 €

VivioPress - PondTechnics

285,00 €

FiltoClear 2.0: the new generation of pressure filters! Pumping mode.

279,00 €

Pack including a FiltoClear 2.0 filter and a latest generation Aquamax Eco Premium Core 6 pump. Pumping mode, for small pools.

565,00 €

The intelligent pond manager! The filter not only cleans the water, but also cleans itself. Thanks to the permanent measurement of the water temperature, the control unit starts automatically, as well as the integrated UVC clarifier according to demand, thus saving up to 40% energy

423,00 €

This complete kit includes a FiltoMatic CWS gravity filter incorporating an ultraviolet filter and the suitable AquaMax Eco Premium filter pump.

684,00 €

Waterfall filter WF 100 - PondTechnics

191,00 €

VivioPress Pro foam set

41,00 €
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