Bottom drain 110 mm ABS with aeration


Bottom drain 110 mm ABS with aeration

103,00 € tax incl.

Bottom drain for basin in gravity mode with air diffusion membrane Allows the evacuation of waste more efficiently than by pumping: no problem achieving waterproofing!

This model has an air diffuser: 1" F mm connection under the drain.

Suitable for installation on EPDM waterproofing but also on polyester coating

110 mm water connection: to be glued with Griffon WDF-05 glue.

1"F air connection: prefer our connection set rather than the original connection.

The drain is supplied with a 1" M threaded connection angled to connect a flexible pipe which is used to supply the air diffuser. We advise you to adapt our PVC pressure fittings set to it instead, which is more solid and above all more durable. the air supply is not through a flexible hose, but rather through a 20 mm PVC pressure hose, much safer and more resistant. See our set in "accessories".

Recommended air flow of 3000 liters/hour per meter depth.

ABS bung: glue the 110 mm PVC pipe using Griffon WDF-05 ABS compatible glue.

To be certain of the tightness of the bond, use suitable glue.

No putty! unless you want to start your pool again after a few years...

PVC bonding with swimming pool glue melts the material and literally welds PVC pipe and ABS bung.

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