Ecoplan Creuse board

Ecoplan Creuse board.

11,96 € tax incl.

Lightweight and easy to use, Ecoplanc suits are stylish ensembles in many green spaces.

Ecoplanc is suitable for the edges of flower beds or alleys, the construction of a vegetable patch, the gardens of aromatic plants, the cultivation of planks, sandboxes, etc.

Ecoplanc profiles are easy to work with for miter joints. The connection with Ecoplanc Connect corner profiles also offers many possibilities. This system is fully modular: length, width and height can be adapted.

Ecoplanc & Connect: easy installation in a jiffy

1. Push the Ecoplanc Connect corner profile vertically into the ground.

Slide the Ecoplanc into the corner pro fi le and set it level.

2. Take the next Ecoplanc.

3. Press an Ecopic stake into the corner profile to increase stability.


Vegetable garden

Garden aromatic herbs

Flower garden


Flower beds



Choice: 120 cm x 22 cm x 4 cm

or 200 cm x 22 cm x 4 cm.


By DPD package (paid shipment):

5 Ecoplan of 120 cm max per package or,

3 Ecoplan maximum 200 cm per package.

Delivery on pallet:

Unlimited number, transport price to be agreed according to location.

No sending relay point.

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