Ecolat grey 14 cm 20 meters


Ecolat grey 14 cm 20 meters

68,00 € tax incl.

Ecological border made of recycled materials: grey model of 14 cm - 20 meters long.

For a quality pool finish!

A basin whose edges are not perfectly horizontal is not very pretty: with Ecolat, it is very easy to achieve the shore of a basin.

Ecolat also creates beautiful borders for trails, lawns, flowerbeds, vegetable gardens ....

As Ecolat is flexible, this border is ideal for curved areas.

The transport of a roll of Ecolat is the object of a single and separate package! (Classified as heavy and / or cumbersome).

Warning ! The version 14 cm is available in packages, this is not the case of the 19 cm version that can only be shipped on pallet!

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