Antifreeze heater

Antifreeze heater

72,00 € tax incl.

Heating cable that protects metallic or PVC pipes from frost.

In your installation, part of the network contains water that is inert, which does not circulate ...

In this place, the gel quickly transformed the water into ice, the pipes could break or tear.

To avoid this problem, simply place a heating cable whose thermostat will cause heating as soon as the ambient temperature reaches 3 ° C.

The heating stops as soon as the temperature of the duct (temperature measured at the probe) reaches approximately 6-7 ° C. This heating cable does not work 24/24!

This model of cable is not intended to be immersed: we have other models that are to be disposed in the basin directly: consult the site in this same section!

Two models to choose from: 2 or 8 m long!

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