Solar Fish Feeder

6 liter feeder with solar panel.

119,00 € tax incl.

Putting fish using an automatic distributor has many advantages.

It allows you to best feed the fish by always delivering the correct amount of food.

The KOIs then have optimal growth and more attractive colors.

All foods are consumed by fish, this avoids unnecessary pollution of water and overload of the filter.


The solar panel automatically loads the internal battery.

6 -liter power capacity.

Granulometry from 3 to 9mm (no flakes, only for usual pellets)

Works with solar energy, with a high capacity lithium battery (2200 mA)

Completely loaded the fish feeder can operate up to 3 months without sunlight

Easy to set, 1 to 6 automatic distributions per day

Quantity of granules adjustable by dosage (dosage time 0-20 sec.)

Adjustable spreading distance (1, 2 or 3 m) with a 120 ° spreading angle

Simple digital programming

The transparent container may contain up to 6 liters of food

Stable base, can be screwed on a surface or fixed in the ground using the stakes provided

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