Eskada XL Up Flow AquaWorld

Eskada XL Up Flow AquaWorld

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How do these filters work?

This series of filters consists of a polyester tank of several chambers, the number of which varies according to the model.

The water is pumped from the basin: the outlet of the filter being above the level of the basin, the water returns to the basin via a pipeline whose slope allows the flow of water to the basin .

In this way, the filter operates in pumping mode: it can however also operate in gravity mode. The basin must be fitted with a bottom drain, skimmer and suitable pipes.

Dirty water from the pond is directed into the first chamber where the brushes hold particles, seaweed leaves etc.

Being freed from this waste, the water then passes through the various biological chambers of the filter. These chambers contain supports, the nitrifying bacteria find there surface to develop and participate in the biological purification.

The last chamber includes, in addition to the biological supports, a set of 3 foam sheets of different porosities which capture the last particles in suspension.

This series of models includes Up Flows: the water passes through the biological supports always from the bottom up, which is more efficient.

This type of filter requires maintenance, which consists in keeping the brushes in an acceptable state of cleanliness and regularly purging the chambers to empty the sludge. Also ensure the condition of the foams of the last room.

Advantages and strengths of these models

Models with Up Flow for more efficiency. And air diffusers included.

Filter with 100% Japanese carpet: no cheap plastic media!

Classic, this type of filter works perfectly if it is adapted to the size of the basin.

Large volume filter for pond in Koi.


Filtration mode: pumping or gravity.

Material: green polyester.

Includes: valves and inlet fitting.

Input: 1 x 50 mm or 1 x 110 mm depending on the version.

Output: 1 x 110 mm or 1 x 50 mm depending on the version.

Waste water outlet: 50 mm.

The last room of each model includes a set of foams, in addition to the organic media shown in the table.

Eskada XL3 UP Eskada XL4 UP
Longueur mm 2100 2850
Largeur mm 800 800
Hauteur mm 950 950
Débit max l / h 16000 20000
Chambre 1 brosses brosses
Chambre 2 tapis tapis
Chambre 3 tapis + mousses tapis
Chambre 4 tapis + Mousses

Lids available in the menu


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