Jumping Jet Rainbow Star Additional Set Oase


Jumping Jet Rainbow Star Additional Set Oase

1 999,00 € tax incl.

Dynamic water game staged using a programmed combination of light and power.

Additional jumping to complete the basic set.


Complete set ready to plug in.

The water figures and the colors vary according to the programs, the luminous intensity of the LED remains constant.

The programs are selectable by remote control up to 80 m distance.

Amplitude of jets up to 4 m long or up to 2 m high.

Can be used indoors or outdoors.

The control box (Master 12 V) can also be used to connect a Jumping Jet Rainbow Star expansion kit.

Synchronous control by remote control when connecting an additional set.

The complete kit includes: Jumping Jet, control box, remote control as well as stainless steel collars for attaching hoses and other accessories.

Scheduled combinations: these include blue, red, white, green and cyan (bluish), magenta (reddish), yellow as well as jet intercept functions, current light and random program in the colors of the rainbow -sky.

A pump (not supplied) is required for operation of the Jumping Jet Rainbow Star.

Warranty: 2 + 1.

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