Water Jet Lightning Oase


Water Jet Lightning Oase

745,00 € tax incl.

Water Jet Lightning in kit of two jets with pump.

Various installed programs can be selected by the remote control.

The programs allow to vary the color of the light and the range of the jet.


Illuminated arches of water give the garden a special charm.

The amplitude and height of the jets, as well as the RGB colors vary according to the pre-installed programs.

Program selection by remote control up to 80 m distance.

Water Jet angle adjustable individually.

The preferred color of the water arch can be easily adjusted.

Foot in stainless steel of quality, screwable on different supports.

Maximum jet amplitude 1.8 m, maximum jet height 0.9 m.

Can be connected to a timer.

Simple maintenance

Reduced energy consumption.

Included in delivery: 2nd Water Jet Lightning kit, external control pump, transformer and cable.

Warranty: 2 + 1.

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