AquaForte PRO vacuum cleaner


New pond vacuum cleaner for continuous pond maintenance!

Equipped with an internal return pump for dirty water which permanently evacuates the water sucked in, even at height! This vacuum cleaner works continuously!

279,00 € tax incl.

New pond vacuum cleaner for pond maintenance.

Equipped with an internal submersible pump for dirty water which constantly evacuates the sucked water.
The vacuumed water first passes through a pre-filter bag to capture leaves, algae, twigs, stones, substrate, etc.

This very easily removable bag opens easily for cleaning thanks to a zipper with large teeth. The water that passes through the filter bag is discharged to the sewer by the internal submersible pump.

When water loss is undesirable, it can be pumped to a finer filter (such as a screen filter, drum filter, or fleece filter).

As a drain hose, the standard 32 or 38 mm poolflex hose can be used! He is
therefore very easy and affordable to work with lengths of waste pipe determined by

Thanks to the powerful 1200 watt suction turbine, up to 2.5
meters deep. The submersible pump has a separate cap, so that the suction
can also be used for dry vacuuming only, without having to drain the water again.


Mounted on wheels, the device is very stable

Equipped with a large carrying handle

Best value for money in this category!

Dimensions hors tout mm 450 x 450 x 900
Volume de la cuve litres 35
Puissance Watt 1400
Volume l 35
Hauteur d'aspiration m 2
Tuyau aspiration m 4
Tuyau refoulement m 1,20 en 38 mm
Longueur du câble m 4
Inclus 3 accessoires d'aspiration
Inclus 2 tubes aspiration 50 cm opaques
Inclus 2 tubes aspiration 50 cm transparents
Inclus 3 embouts d'aspiration

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