AquaForte type HFD


AquaForte Prime E. Silence VS pump with variable flow.

A very quiet water-cooled swimming pool pump.

Resists salt water (sea water) up to 35 g of salt per liter!

1 945,00 € tax incl.

Quietest variable speed cine in the world!

Thanks to a water-cooled motor, no cooling fan noise can be heard.

Equipped with a smart digital flow meter! It calculates very precisely the flow in m³ h and the height in meters.


This pump is delivered with the following equipment:

Automatic frost protection: the pump operates automatically when the temperature
approaches freezing (adjustable between 4 ° -10 ° C).

The E. Silence pump is also equipped with an intelligent suction function; as soon as the pump detects that there is no longer enough water, it stops (accident protection).

The pump can also be adjusted so that it does not exceed a certain flow rate or maximum pressure in order to protect certain filters or fragile installations.

The pump has 8 memory locations for different speeds

Connections: 2 ”female thread.

Supplied with 63mm fittings.

Resistant to seawater up to 35 grams of salt / liter!

The AquaForte E Silence pump can be controlled by:

- 4 preferred speeds.

- automatic function with start and stop times with choice of speed.

- optional, control cable by an external controller.


Maximum flow: 30 m3 / hour

Maximum power: 1250 Watt

Max height: 15.9 m

Weight: 19 kg

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