AquaForte type O Plus 12 V

AquaForte type O Plus 12 V

186,00 € tax incl.

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Débit modèle 6500 NC
Débit modèle 10000 NC

Low-voltage pumps, equipped with an electronic circuit with synchronous motor.


Excellent performance: 6 mm strainer.

Quiet operation. The pump is equipped with a synchronous motor. No copper pieces.

Featuring a wear-resistant ceramic shaft.

Automatically deactivates when there is no water in the rotor.

In the event of seizure of the turbine, the pump switches to the "lock" position: it does not consume current until the problem is solved. This avoids the destruction of the engine.

Usable pump where low voltage is required.

Suitable for dry installation also (the inlet must then be immersed).


Rated voltage: 12 V

Cable length: 10 meters.

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