Reinforced flexible hose

Reinforced flexible hose

5,00 € tax incl.

Extra strong flexible hose! Guarantee 6 bar.

We only sell one quality of pond hose: the best!

An accident quickly happens: a hose that tears ... and your pelvis can empty during your absence!

Do not take this risk by trusting us!

Easy to work, smooth inside and out (see photo), it can be buried.

This pond hose (green / black or black depending on the stock) is used most of the time to connect the pumps of a garden pond.

The indicated diameter is the INSIDE diameter!

Sold by the linear meter except the 63 mm pipe which is offered in lengths of 10, 15, 20 or 30 meters.

The 63 mm hose is only shipped on a pallet, not in a package

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