PVC pressure hose

PVC pressure hose

1,90 € tax incl.

Hose 16 mm to 90 mm: minimum quality of 7.5 bar

110/125 mm hose: quality 10 bar minimum

This hose has nothing to do with the hose you could use for the sanitary installation of your home: this light gray hose is less thick and more fragile.

The hose that we propose is dark gray and resistant to 10 bar: it is sold in length of 5 meters maximum with sleeve to stick on one side.

The price indicated is the price per linear meter (variable price and negotiable only if you order a complete installation> filter / UV / pump / sealing).


For logistical reasons, we only ship limited lengths (1 m or 1.66 m).

Pipe of 16 and 20 mm: only in length of 1 m.

Hose from 25 mm to 110 mm: length of 1 m or 1.66 m.

Higher pipe lengths are only available by pick-up at our store, or when delivered by us on a large purchase of equipment (purchase of equipment for a full tank).

When sending a pack of several lengths of pipe, it is possible that we pack the sleeve end of a pipe.

We do not guarantee that all pipes shipped are smooth at both ends.

On the other hand, if you buy only 1 meter length of PVC pipe, you will receive a pipe without a sleeve.

Same for the 16 or 20 mm hose: no sleeve whatever the number of lengths ordered.

Finally, a package can measure only 300 cm in circumference (1 x W, 2 x W and 2 x H), ie 4 hoses of 110 mm maximum or the equivalent of hose of smaller diameter (30 kg max.).

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