AquaAir 250 Oase


Powerful pump, with the professional venturi principle, for optimal oxygen supply in the form of fine air bubbles.

1 750,00 € tax incl.

The AquaAir is suitable for pool surfaces up to 250 m² and has an adjustable injection nozzle for a targeted oxygen supply up to 4 m deep.

High flow velocities set standing water in motion.

The AquaAir has a remarkable longevity thanks to its high quality finish and stainless steel elements. Silent, it ensures an optimal oxygen supply thanks to the small bubbles.


Injector ensuring optimal distribution of oxygen, even at the bottom of the pool

Deep action up to 4 m

Superior quality stainless steel finish for long life

Suitable for a pool of 250 m3 max.

Dimensions L x l x h mm 725 x 555 x 310
Tension V 230 V 50 Hz
Puissance Watt 650
Débit l / heure 30000
Tuyau m 4 x 5
Poids kg 28
Longueur de câble m 30

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