Hikari Staple Goldfish Baby


Hikari Staple Goldfish Baby

12,00 € tax incl.

Daily diet for small goldfish and Koi providing basic nutrition they need.


Did you know that goldfish prefer to eat plants?

In nature, Goldfish looks for natural foods like aquatic plants to soothe his appetite.

Hikari Goldfish Staple contains vegetable materials such as alfalfa, kale, Mulukhiya ... The food contains neither dyes nor flavors added.

Scientifically balanced formulation that does not require additional feeding.

Contains all the vitamins and nutrients needed for your pet.

Growth characteristics verified by a laboratory make this diet an ideal food for most varieties of goldfish.


Feed 2 to 4 times a day giving the amount your fish will consume completely in a few minutes, depending on the water temperature, the pond condition and the level of activity of your fish.

Always remove unused food.

When the water temperature is constantly below 10 ° C or above 30 ° C, avoid overfeeding unless the fish are very active and the water quality is correct.

Type of food

Floating food.


Bag of 300 grams, size Baby.