Basic Mix 15 kg 6 mm

Basic Mix

59,90 € tax incl.

Basic floating feed for Koi and other pond fish suitable for all year round.

Can also be mixed with supplements from the same range during warmer months.

Good digestibility, assimilable up to 6 ° C.

This range of food is offered at the lowest price: lowering the price by offering you something else would be giving you poor quality.

This food contains a low percentage of spirulina, paprika extract which maintains the color of your Koi, wheat germ and animal proteins which promote growth.


Fish meal, wheat gluten, lecithin, alfalfa protein concentrate, sunflower meal, sunflower seed waste, soy concentrate, calcium phosphate, gluten, wheat germ, pepper, spirulina, yeast product.

Power is one of the most important aspects for the maintenance of Koi: the asking price for this range is the minimum guaranteeing correct maintenance.

This standard quality food meets the maintenance criteria for ornamental fish.


Feed carefully, giving the amount that your fish will completely consume in a few minutes, depending on the water temperature, the condition of the pond and the activity level of your fish.


Floating food.

Variété Supreme Mix Basic Mix
Protéines brute 41 % 33 %
Graisses brute 6 % 4 %
Cellulose brute 1,7 % 6 %
Cendres 8,6 % 6 %
Phosphore 0,99 % 0,6 %
Calcium 13,99 g / kg 6 g / kg
Sodium 3,7 g / kg 0,8 g / kg
Vitamine A 18000 IU / kg 15000 IU / kg
Vitamine D3 2400 IU / kg 2000 IU / kg
Vitamine E 200 mg / kg 200 mg / kg
Vitamine C 240 mg / kg 200 mg / kg

15 kg bag in 6 mm.

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