Aerated Bottom Drain PVC 110 mm


Aerated Bottom Drain PVC 110 mm

395,00 € tax incl.

The strongest of the bottom drain !

Allows the evacuation of the waste more efficiently than by pumping: no problem to realize the sealing!

This sturdy PVC model features an EPDM air diffuser.

Suitable for installation on EPDM seals but also on polyester

An article whose quality of manufacture must be irreproachable!

The 32 mm PVC pipe which is to be bonded to this bung can be used as a duct (with an internal hose) or better, directly to supply the air duct (in this case reduce from 32 to 20 or 25 mm in PVC pressure ).

Water connection 110 mm and air connection 32 mm to be glued.

9 mm connection for the air supply hose.

Diameter of the EPDM membrane: 34 cm.

Diameter of the dome (overall dimensions): 38 cm.

Débit d'air constructeur max l / min 100
Débit constructeur max l / heure 6000
Pression max bar 0,4
Pression d'ouverture bar 0,02
Poids kg  6

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