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Sansai Basic Heating Cable

Sansai Basic Heating Cable

207,00 € tax incl.


230,00 € tax incl.

Complete heating system for basin: your Koi will spend the winter under better conditions!

In terms of carp maintenance, it is well known that the low temperature limit not to be crossed is 5 ° C. Many pool owners can not install a conventional heater for various reasons: filtration stopped because of the risk of freezing, lack of space, cost too expensive etc.


This device makes it possible to heat the bottom of the basin, even with filtration stopped for a very modest cost. Compared to conventional resistance, this heating requires only 30 Watt / 1000 liters: as the temperature of the heating cable does not exceed 25 ° C, the koi are unlikely to burn.

The product comes in two ranges Basic and Pro

The Basic range includes analogue control: it is possible to change the setpoint values ​​by changing the position of small switches in a housing. The operation takes 2 minutes (original, the device is set to heat from 4.5 ° C and stop at 7.5 ° C).

The Basic control is installed in a 110 x 110 mm waterproof box.

The Pro range is equipped with a digital display. This means that you can change the setpoint values ​​on a digital box. On this Pro model it is also possible to read the water temperature directly on the digital display. The Pro control is supplied in a 200 x 200 mm watertight housing pre-installed on an aluminum console (for wall mounting). It is advisable to set the values ​​of 5 ° C / 8 ° C and to isolate the surface of the basin.


Installation of the heating cable: several points must be respected:

The heating cable must be immersed during operation

It is necessary to avoid superimposing the cable on itself (thus, no junction where can cross two parts of cable). Since it is not easy to install this cable properly when the basin is filled, we propose to simply ligate it on a small frame made of PVC tubes of 25 mm.

The frame can be easily made:

Make a rectangle or a cross with the dimensions of the bottom of your basin: the idea is to constitute a support in PVC tubes that will then have to dive to the bottom of the basin. So plan to drill a few holes in the tubes so that the air inside can escape.

Then arrange the heating cable: either spirally starting in the center or in line, but in both cases, keep a distance of 10 cm between two segments of the cable. Keep the heating cable on the support using plastic ligatures simply.

The kit contains a plastic sheath that protects the probe cable: when this sheath is in place, also tie the probe to your structure. It is this probe that will measure the temperature of the water at the bottom of the pool and transmit the signal to the regulation.

Then you have to plunge your "basin-heating-pool" into your pool, it's ready!

Connect the plug of your device and adjust / modify the setpoint values ​​if necessary.

Make sure that your 230V power supply is equipped with a 30mA differential.

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