ProfiClear Compact / Classic Oase Pumping Chamber


ProfiClear Compact / Classic Oase Pumping Chamber

875,00 € tax incl.

Multipurpose pumping chamber that can accommodate two pumps and two UV lamps.

This module is versatile: it can be used to house pumps that aspirate in a 100% gravity configuration. In this case, this chamber is positioned behind the filtration at the end of the chain.

It can also be used in a mixed gravity / pumping configuration.

In this case, it is connected to the 110 mm pipes which come from the basin and the pumps discharge into the filtration which follows and which is located higher. In this configuration, the module makes it possible to operate the basin in gravity mode, but the filtration remains in pumping mode.


Allows to integrate up to two AquaMax Eco Gravity and Bitron Gravity.

Ease of connection.

Reduction of load losses.

For integration into gravity systems of ProfiClear Premium Compact and ProfiClear Classic.

Safe and compliant installation for swimming pools.

Easy maintenance and support for winter conditions


Matériau Plastique thermo durci, acier Inox
Dimensions L x l x H mm 830 x 665 x 820
Entrée mm 2 x 110 + 1 x 150
Sortie mm 2 x 110 + 1 x 2"
Poids kg 36,50

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